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UCKG HelpCentre
London, UK
  • A memorable visit
    A memorable visit

    The diverse personalities that the Godllywood members come across during a care home visit, helps to make each occasion unique. This was the case when the group attended the Lennox House care home on 29 August 2016. Around 19 volunteers put on a show for 20 seniors at the care home. The Godllywood ladies, who…

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  • Food bank and bric-a-brac campaign
    Food bank and bric-a-brac campaign

    The UCKG HelpCentre is a nationwide charity that provides support to the community. We provide aid and assistance to other charities and groups in the local community. We held the Food Bank and Bric-a-Brac campaign around London and other cities during March and April this year. These projects are made with the aim of uniting…

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  • A Helping Hand for the Community
    A Helping Hand for the Community

    Between the 7th and 9th July, Victory Youth Groups (VYG) from all over the country took part in the annual We Care community outreach event. The UCKG HelpCentre sets up these activities to benefit the wider community, by approaching councils and other regulatory authorities, to make arrangements for its members to undertake various tasks. On…

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  • Its Your Local Market community event
    Its Your Local Market community event

    The Brixton VYG was invited to the exciting Community Event, “Its Your Local Market”, which took place in Brixton, on 18thJune. The Event, which was organised by Andréa Brown was held at Windrush Square to bring communities together in Lambeth. The Event started at midday and continued through to 10pm with people of all ages…

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  • Keep Well Stay Safe Event
    Keep Well Stay Safe Event

    The Keep Well Stay Safe Event took place on June 18, in Plaistow. The family event aimed to raise health awareness, promote well-being and inform members on personal safety. Alongside the health briefings, there were a mixture of activities for both children and adults; these included face painting, cake decorating, pop-up yoga, massages and live…

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  • Positive Impact
    Positive Impact

    The Plaistow Youth market is a recurrent event where young entrepreneurs are able to build a foundation for their business through having the opportunity to showcase their talents and business to the general public. The event was arranged through a committee of people from multiple groups and organisations within Plaistow, including the UCKG HelpCentre and…

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