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  • An amazing financial life
    An amazing financial life

      “I made sacrifices during a movement of faith to be like Abraham, who I had learnt about. So while at work, I decided to ask for a pay raise. Unfortunately, this was rejected and my employer and I reached a mutual agreement to end my contract that week. I did not have another contract…

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  • I am debt free
    I am debt free

      “Before coming to the UCKG HelpCentre my financial situation was dreadful. I was in almost £25,000 of debt and, after being scammed, more than £27,000 had been taken from my pension. I was borrowing money from many debt collectors as I thought this was the only way out. “My lowest moments came when I…

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  • An expert in hidding my feelings
    An expert in hidding my feelings

      Lesley had always been a cheerful person. However, that changed when she arrived in the UK at the age of 14. She soon faced a number of problems, which changed everything for her. “I changed from an open person to being very secretive. At first, I believed that my family’s problems and mine were…

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  • Running away is not the option
    Running away is not the option

      Nothing can beat the bond we have with our loved ones. But what happens when this bond brings us pain and suffering? Is there anything worse than the hurt inflicted by this? Carlos Villareal shares his story with us. “Growing up was difficult; my father violently abused my mother and my mother would also…

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  • Learning the importance of family
    Learning the importance of family

      “I was sent to boarding school at a young age, which meant that I did not have much contact with my family. As a result, I felt lonely, as if no one loved or cared for me. “Before going to school, I lived with my dad and two older sisters. I admired my sisters…

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  • A husband with everything I wanted
    A husband with everything I wanted

      “I started pursuing relationships to fill the void inside of me. At the beginning, I was looking for young boys but then I started wanting older guys. It was a complete disaster. I was persuaded by the wonderful promises they made. However, their only intention was to use me and, as a result, I…

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  • I found my other half
    I found my other half

      “I always dreamt of getting married, but as the years went by I couldn’t find Mr Right.” “I was always a ‘bridesmaid’ but I never thought that I would be the bride. I became the ‘the maid on the shelf’. I started attending the Love Talk Live meetings, determined to find my ‘Mr Right’.…

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  • I realised that my life was not a joke
    I realised that my life was not a joke

      “At a very young age, I allowed myself to be influenced by my friends. From the age of 13, I began to get involved with gangs, drugs, violence, girls and illegal activities. I would hide drugs and weapons at home under my bed.” “I was heavily involved with theft; it did not matter if…

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  • Fulfilling my vision
    Fulfilling my vision

      “I had deep grudges against my father for mistreating my mother when I was young. I had no sense of peace whatsoever. This led me to seek ‘happiness’ in friendships, boys, parties and smoking. These things only provided temporary happiness, but when the fun had ended, I would cry myself to sleep. No one…

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  • Free at last
    Free at last

      “Before I came to God, I was an atheist, so it took a very long time for me to achieve my deliverance. I not only had real difficulty in believing everything – I also found it hard to understand what I needed deliverance from, even though I suffered from insecurities and past issues. “I…

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