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  • How to make extra money in 2017
    How to make extra money in 2017

    Sometimes your nine-to-five day job just does not cut it when it comes to your finances. The money you make is only enough to make ends meet and your additional wants and needs are left unfulfilled. However, aside from your monthly wages, there are many other ways that you can make more money: 1– Get…

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  • 10 workout hacks
    10 workout hacks

    Maintaining that gym routine can be a pain in the neck. Since we are on your side, here are 10 workout hacks to keep you on your toes outside the gym. 1. Get it out of your way You are likely to be less busy in the morning, so use that period to start your…

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  • Temporary joy versus permanent joy
    Temporary joy versus permanent joy

    When we talk about joy and the ways it is brought upon us, many things come to mind. Some of these things bring temporary joy whilst others bring permanent joy. Temporary: This type of feeling can be split into two divisions. One is a sense of joy that, although it may seem long-term, quickly loses its…

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  • Staying in touch with your long-lost family
    Staying in touch with your long-lost family

    As humans, we cherish our family deeply. From the moment we learn to open our eyes as babies, it is our parents who we begin to bond with. During our youth, we build a strong connection with our siblings. Even when we are adults, ready to start a new journey with a partner or on…

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  • Seeing the good instead of the bad
    Seeing the good instead of the bad

    As humans, we reason  and form  judgements by what we see and hear from other people. So why is it that some people always think negatively when a  certain person or particular situation comes to mind? Your mind is like a judge: it needs a range of information to come to a decision about a…

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  • Score your goals this year
    Score your goals this year

    For most people, the New Year involves re-evaluating certain life choices and deciding on what important changes need to be made. Many will take this opportunity to set themselves resolutions and goals to make the New Year an effective one. We all strive to change our lives for the better and we all aim for…

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  • Separate the mistake, not the person
    Separate the mistake, not the person

    You were in love and decided to spend the rest of your life together, but after marriage, Prince Charming turned into a frog and the princess became boring. If, along the years, being close to your loved one has stopped being pleasurable and has become unbearable, keep reading… This is what is happening with many…

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  • I can stop at any time
    I can stop at any time

    “I can stop at any time.” How many times have we heard this popular line? Addicts often make this statement to reassure their friends, family and themselves that they have everything under control. This belief is why they continue to abuse drugs and alcohol, watch pornography, gamble, spend most of their time on social networks,…

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  • A formula for life
    A formula for life

    If there is one thing you should take away with you from reading this magazine, it should be this: To have a better year than the last in regards to your goals and problems. Having barely entered 2017, it is safe to say that you have all the time in the world to make this…

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  • Make the days count
    Make the days count

    “Sometimes we’re all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count.” – Ritu Ghatourey The New Year has begun! And not only does it start with cold, wintery months, but also the anticipation of what is to come during these 12 months. Everyone is looking forward to this…

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