The feelings of sadness, excessive stress and worry about the future could all be signs of a hungry soul. If you can relate and you desire to receive peace within you in the midst of a tempestuous world, this fast could be exactly what you need!

The Fast of Daniel is 21 days of abstaining from all secular media and information, instead using our time to do activities that feed our soul! This comprises reading the Bible or a book of faith, praying and even coming to church more often.

This fast is also for those who already have the Holy Spirit but want more of the presence of the Holy Spirit in them so that He can flow freely in their life with no restrictions.

You are invited to dedicate yourself to seeking the Holy Spirit and placing your mind on the Word of God during the ‘Fast of Daniel’ that will begin, Sunday 19th November until Sunday 10th December.

So, let’s disconnect and focus on what God wants to say to each of us during these 21 days.

Make each day of this fast count by immersing yourself in what will feed and strengthen your spirit, click below to receive more spiritual content.