Responding to COVID-19

Last updated: Monday, 19 July 2021 – 13:00

Here’s the latest update on what the UCKG HelpCentre is doing to bring comfort and spiritual support to our congregations and followers throughout the UK in response to COVID-19.

We are now over 18 months into the pandemic, and while the end is – hopefully – in sight, there’s still quite a long way to go.

As you will know, the pandemic has affected the church’s work throughout the UK. We have abided by all the government guidance and rules for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure that our congregations, employees and volunteers, and communities are well protected. Thankfully, these are now being eased, with variations in the four countries.

Pages in this section (see the menu on the right) explain what’s currently happening in the UCKG in each of the four home countries, as regards our services of prayer and other activities. But while all this has been restricted in the recent past, do remember that the church has never closed, because it is you, each and every one of you that believes alongside your pastors and Bishop.

The UCKG is always here to support you in prayer, and provide inspiring messages and spiritual advice. You can feel confident that when the pandemic ends we will all feel like we have come through the fire that purifies gold. We’ll be stronger, better humans, more community conscious and altogether exemplary Christians!

What’s important

Despite the imminent end of restrictions in England, we would still urge caution and consideration for others, however. It is kind – Christian, in fact – to take all wise steps to protect ourselves and others, while keeping the flame of faith in the living God burning bright inside us.

The next update of these pages is due shortly after restrictions end in England and as the situation unfolds throughout the UK. Be sure to visit again soon.

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