Responding to COVID-19

Last updated: Monday, 22 June 20 – 09:03

This page aims to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up to date with everything the UCKG HelpCentre is doing in response to COVID-19. How the pandemic is affecting the church’s work, and the changes we have made.

Most importantly, we are pleased to advise that with effect from Monday 15 June it is possible to enter any full time UCKG HelpCentre in England or Northern Ireland, and Wales from Monday 22 June, for private prayer. We are still not permitted to hold public services of prayer or conduct any other activities face to face, but we want you to know that although our church activities are still limited the church itself never closes. The church is you, each and every one of you that believes alongside your Pastors and Bishop.

Every day of this crisis – for however long it goes on – the UCKG will be here to support you in prayer, provide inspiring messages and guide you through spiritual advice. We stand with you so that when this pandemic ends – as it will – we will all feel like we have come through the fire that purifies gold. It will have made us stronger, better humans, more community conscious and altogether exemplary Christians!

This page will be updated regularly as the situation progresses and will continue to reflect government guidance. Be sure to visit regularly.

Facing the crisis
We live in unprecedented times as the deadly COVID-19 pandemic encircles the globe. For months now, we have been unable to live normal lives, enjoy entertainment and sporting events, and socialise with friends and family as we used to. Such is the advice and restrictive measures that the British government has imposed on us for the protection of our health.

Being unable to live normally is testing our humanity, our sense of community and ultimately our faith. From the very start of lockdown, stress, loneliness, worries about those we love and our own finances have made life hard for everyone, reinforced by gloomy news each day online and on TV. Misinformation and coronavirus-related scams have added to the difficulties and most likely made the job harder for those battling against COVID-19 on the NHS front line, and we are still a long way from winning both the health and the economic war.

What’s important
In times of crisis, it is crucial to focus on what’s really important and overcoming the difficulties. Right now, we need to do everything in our power to stay safe, stop the spread of the virus, help our loved ones and the most vulnerable in society, and keep the flame of faith in the living God burning bright inside us.