Responding to COVID-19

Last updated: Monday, 30 March 20 – 15:37

This page aims to make it as easy as possible for you to keep up to date with everything the UCKG HelpCentre is doing in response to COVID-19. How the pandemic is affecting the church’s work, and the changes we have made.

Most importantly, we want you to know that while church’s doors are closed – as they must be – the church itself never closes, for the church is you, each and every one of you that believes alongside your Pastors and Bishop.

Every day of this crisis – for however long it takes – the UCKG will be here to support you in prayer, provide inspiring messages and guide you through spiritual advice. We stand with you so that when this pandemic ends – as it will – we will all see this period made us stronger, better humans, more community conscious and altogether exemplary Christians!

This page will be updated regularly as the situation develops and will reflect future government guidance. Be sure to visit regularly.

Facing the crisis
We live in unprecedented times as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat encircles the world. We are all being challenged over the way we live our lives, and if anyone is living life as normal, they’re doing something wrong. Such is the advice and restrictive measures that the British government has imposed on us.

Being unable to live normally will invariably test our humanity, our sense of community and ultimately our faith. From the very start of this crisis intense and at times inaccurate social media coverage has added to people’s worries and most likely made the job harder for those at the frontline in the battle against COVID-19, while the regular news media have, perhaps been overly negative in the face of an exceptionally serious situation.

What’s important
In times of crisis, it is crucial to focus on what’s really important and overcoming the difficulties. Right now, we need to do everything in our power to stay safe, stop the spread of the virus, and help our loved ones and the most vulnerable in our society, and keep the flame of faith in the living God burning bright inside us.

Questions & Answers

COVID-19 – what’s the UCKG doing?

We continue to closely follow the development of measures to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 at home and abroad. We will always respond promptly and adapt to government advice and guidance, updating our current measures accordingly. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Before we had to stay home

1. While people were still permitted to come to the HelpCentres for support or as workers, we encouraged everyone to improve and maintain good hygiene and observe social distancing, and everyone should still do this at home. We provided hand gel at entrances and ensured there was a good supply of soap and/or hand gel in toilets for hand washing. We displayed NHS posters in toilets and other critical places providing guidance on sneezing and effective hand washing.

2. We made sure that the surfaces people were most likely to touch, like counter tops, door handles, handrails, light switches, etc, were cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

What we’re doing now

3. Services at all HelpCentres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been suspended until further notice from the government to help protect our congregations and the general public from infection.

4. We are broadcasting online prayer services daily to ensure our congregations and the general public have easy access to our support in prayer, inspirational stories and messages, and advice and guidance. The online schedule of services can be found here.

5. All planned events and community groups activities have been suspended for the foreseeable future so that people won’t come out and risk catching or spreading COVID-19.

6. Our offices are closed, with only a very small number of essential workers coming in to produce our online services. They are observing social distancing while working.

7. We are in constant e-contact with sister churches in other affected countries so as to learn from their experiences and be better prepared.

8. We are also exploring other means of spreading the word of God and supporting you all during this global crisis.

Where can I follow the online services?

All our online services in English are now available on these media platforms:

Facebook –

YouTube –

Liberty Radio –

The Liberty Radio app can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store.

Univer Video –

The Univer Video app can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store. The app and website broadcast the Wednesday 7.30pm and Sunday 10am services live, plus other live UCKG services around the world).

Online services in English will be broadcast live every day. Here are the times for our services:

Monday to Friday – 10am, 3pm and 7.30pm
Thursday – 8pm (Love Therapy)
Saturday – 10am and 3pm
Sunday – 10am, 4pm (ACT) and 6pm

Online services in Portuguese will broadcast on:

Facebook –
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – 8pm
Sunday – 10am

Online services in Spanish will broadcast on:

Facebook –
Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 8pm
– 12pm

The schedule for all our regular radio and TV programmes remains unchanged.

Can I still go to my local HelpCentre for advice and guidance?

All UCKG HelpCentres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are closed for the foreseeable future as required by the government, but we are available 24/7 via our telephone helpline on 020 7686 6000.

You can talk with a Pastor on the phone, pray together and receive support at any time, day or night.

We are also broadcasting daily services online. You can check the platforms available and a full schedule of online services here.

How can I fulfil my vows, present my tithe and offerings, and request prayers?

As all HelpCentres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, are closed on government instructions, UCKG church members and the general public must now fulfil their financial vows, present tithes or donations by electronic means.

The following platforms are available to enable you to do this:

Online via PayPal
Log on to

Bank transfer
Bank name: Barclays Bank
Beneficiary name: The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
Account number: 23060993
Sort Code: 20-82-94

Ping It
Bank name: Barclays Bank
Beneficiary name: The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
Account number: 63989267
Sort Code: 20-82-94

All these platforms have a gift aid option so that tax payers can maximise their donations, and we would encourage you to do so.

Tithers consecration will take place as usual. The Bishop or Pastors will explain how this will be done via the online services in due time.

Prayer requests can be made during the online services and via the 24-hour helpline on 020 7686 6000. We urge you to follow the government instructions to stay home and avoid spreading the virus.

Join us for the daily services online. Click here for details.