Which tier is my local HelpCentre in?

On Friday 11 December, the UCKG HelpCentre in Belfast reopened for services. On 26 December,  Northern  Ireland  entered  into  further  restrictions.  On  Friday  8  January ‘Stay   at   home’   restrictions   were   introduced   in   Northern   Ireland.   The  UCKG HelpCentre  in  Belfast  will  remain  open  for  services  in  accordance  with government   guidelines,   but   worshippers   must   follow   national   guidance,   which includes maintaining social distancing, not mingling and wearing face coverings when attending any HelpCentre.

Monday to Friday services are held at 7am, 10am, 3pm and 7.30pm.

The full schedule of services and themes are as follows:

Monday –Independence Project (prayer for economic security)

Tuesday – Healing

Wednesday – Spiritual Growth

Thursday – Family Day. Love Therapy is held at Finsbury Park HelpCentre only, at 8pm, and is streamed to other branches.

Friday – Spiritual Cleansing

Saturday – Impossible Cases (7am), Battalion (10am)

Sunday – 7.30am and 10am (Sunday Service/Empowerment). Breaking the Habit (4pm) is held at Finsbury Park only and streamed to other branches.

The Bible Study (6pm) will be streamed to other branches.

Please, note: if you wish to attend the services at your local HelpCentre, you must adhere to strict procedures prior to and upon entering the sanctuary. These are designed to protect you, and the volunteers and pastoral staff who are managing your access:

·      You must bring your own face covering when attending services at your local HelpCentre. If you are unable to bring your own, this will be provided for you (while supplies last).

·      You must sanitise your hands before entering the HelpCentre, using the hand gel provided at the entrance of the premises.

·      You must observe social distancing rules and keep at least two metres away from all other people.

·      You must refrain from touching anyone or anything other than what is obviously essential while in the HelpCentre.

·      You must not mingle or socialise before or after any service you attend.

·      Please respect all display signs and follow directions accordingly.

A meticulous cleaning and disinfection schedule is followed in all HelpCentres to ensure premises are safe for services.

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