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  • 2017 will explode!
    2017 will explode!

    2016 has ended, and many people were left feeling as though they did not achieve what they had intended. Others entered 2017 with a heavy heart thinking about problems that had brought them much sadness. However, regardless of how the year ended, and how the word of God is emphatic in determining: “Do not remember…

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  • The value of the “Christmas spirit”
    The value of the “Christmas spirit”

    This is when self-demand takes place, from the inside out, regarding to whom and what presents to give… There is a contradictory spirit that seems to control the majority of the population at this time. On one hand, there’s Christmas, theoretically, Jesus’ date of birth (although it has subsequently been proven by science that he…

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  • Responding to the critics of sacrifice
    Responding to the critics of sacrifice

    One of the biggest criticisms of our church is its teaching about sacrifice – particularly at the time of the Israel Challenge which occurs twice a year. These are the most common phrases I hear: Giving offerings or tithes is fine, but teaching that God expects us to sacrifice our possessions today is abusing church…

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  • The Excuses of Moses
    The Excuses of Moses

    The path to success in any area of life is: set a goal, fight with all your strength and do not look at the difficulties. This requires sacrifice.

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  • Internet

    The Inter-NET, or internal network, has entangled many in its net. It is a trap used by the devil to capture his prey. Have you ever seen a fly desperately flap its wings in an attempt to get away from the spider’s web? The same is happening with those who become entangled with social media,…

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  • Everything in life has its level of importance
    Everything in life has its level of importance

    It is important to be financially stable because it is important that your testimony becomes a reference of God’s greatness. It is important that you take good care of your health because it is impossible to do what needs to be done when you are physically debilitated. It is important to have a structured family…

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  • Are Tattoos from God?
    Are Tattoos from God?

    This is a picture of a tattooed Maori face; tattooing is a common practice for these people. There is a large amount of archaeological evidence to claim that tattoos existed in Egypt between 4000 and 2000 BC, and were also used by natives of Polynesia, the Philippines, Indonesia and New Zealand (Maori), who would tattoo…

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  • Moses’ seat
    Moses’ seat

    Moses was the man God chose to free the people of Israel from Egyptian slavery, which had been going on for 430 years. The Almighty intended to make those people a great nation on earth. For this reason, He gave them His Laws and His statutes to obey and protect them from generation to generation.…

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  • Genetically Modified Foods
    Genetically Modified Foods

    What does faith have to do with our food? None of the words in scripture were written in vain. Though we do not understand them all, they preserve an extraordinary significance and helpfulness. I proved this to be correct a couple of days ago. The Lord Jesus said that His signs would follow those who…

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  • Faith without grace
    Faith without grace

    “I live by the grace of God and not by the works of the Law; Jesus has already sacrificed for me, so I don’t have to sacrifice.” These and many other arguments have been widely used by most believers. But I ask: if faith does not need to be accompanied by sacrifice, does this give…

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