Who can take part?

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Who can take part?

Which kind of people can take part in the Campaign of Israel?

Everyone who is in the same situation in which Abraham was, because Abraham was a man who wanted to have a child, and he wasn’t fulfilled because his wife could conceive. People who may be a in a similar situation, who don’t feel complete, who believe that something is lacking when it comes to health, happiness, economic stability, peace, spiritual balance, emotional fulfilment, all the ones who are into these kind of problems,  share the same position as Abraham.

When a person feels that something is  missing in his or her life,  it bring to them a great feeling of dissatisfaction. Despite of the person’s religion or belief, if there is something missing in his or her life and he or she believes that God can grant them a full life.  Then this person is able to participate in the Campaign of Israel. Of course as previously stated, when people participate in the Campaign of Israel, they express their faith through sacrifice.

Is it necessary that the person changes his or her religion to take part in the Campaign?

The Campaign for Israel does not aim to get people to change their religion, but to change their lives. A person who wishes to change their lives, who desires for a full life and is willing to sacrifice for that purpose, may participate in the Campaign of Israel, regardless of their personal religion.

What should I do to take part in the Campaign?

If you would like to participate, you can go to one of your local UCKG HelpCentre,  and seek more advice from a pastor.

So that the participant  may be aware of the attitude that is needed. This is because one of the things is that we preserve the Church is entitled to wonder why God does not want us to do nothing without understanding. Faith has to be associated with understanding, just as it has to be associated with courage, determination and perseverance. If a person wishes to participate, then he or she should go to their nearest UCKG HelpCentre, hear and understand. If you believes that through divine intervention yours dreams will be fulfilled, your problems will be solved, God will meet your needs and after that you may participate in the Campaign for Israel.

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