Do you deserve to have your dreams fulfilled?

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Do you deserve to have your dreams fulfilled?

We have been learning how to bring into existence what doesn’t exist. Having previously learnt to differentiate between fantasies and real dreams, how do you then make sure that you will get the desired outcome? The answer is simple!

The law of nature

In life, we reap what we sow. When you plant an orange seed, you will reap oranges. This is the basic law of nature. An orange seed will never yield a banana tree. However, we see many women wanting to go against this basic law of nature.Many women are very rude to their husbands, yet expect their husbands to treat them like queens, or they yell disrespectfully at their children, but expect their children to respect their authority, or lie to their bosses and expect a promotion. You will only get the dream you deserve. Although fair, this poses a challenge for many. How do you make sure that the seed you are planting will yield good fruit?

Water your land

There is no denying life can be challenging, often leading us to lose hope. Because of the hardships of life, many end up being consumed by negativity. But, negativity is like dry ground. It sucks the life out of your dream. It leads to working hard and reaping nothing out of that hard work. Do not be consumed by negative things such as bitterness, anger, grudges and malice. They are dream-killers. Begin watering your land with hope. Cleanse yourself from all the negative things of the past and begin to constantly feed yourself with positive words and positive thoughts. Remember, your words have power! They lead to action. When your words are positive, your actions will be positive. And, when your actions are positive, what you plant will be positive and so will what you reap! That is how dreams come true.

Mrs. Claudia Brito

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    25th September 2015


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