The importance of forgiving

a similar pain, I held grudges,


The importance of forgivingDuring our lifetime it is a certainty that people will disappoint us or that we will have disagreements with them. Sometimes this happens with the people we are closest to. Monique shares with us how she once reacted when people caused her pain.

I held grudges against my friends and anyone that would hurt me. Instead of speaking about the situation and asking them if they were aware of how they had made me feel, I would ignore them and speak very negatively about them to others.

This made me feel better for a while because I thought they would experience a similar pain to mine, but in fact, it made me feel worse.

Someone invited me to a 10am, Sunday meeting, at the HelpCentre. And through that, I started to attend the youth group, which I was frequently invited to. I then began attending the Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday meetings.

Firstly, I had to accept that I needed to forgive others because the only person being hurt was me. This was hard because I thought I had a right to hold a grudge against those who hurt me, but this wasn’t helping me to grow in my faith. Today, I no longer hold grudges against my friends and I’m also free from bitterness and hatred.

Monique Craib McKenzie

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