Everyone kept telling me ‘NO’!

I had to find clients, my business plan, was still possible,


Everyone kept telling me ‘NO’!Like many other people, Julie had thoughts of starting her own business. Yet rather than simply ‘wanting’ a business, she decided to take the steps to achieve that goal even when others doubted her. Here is her story:

Wanting a business and having one are two very different things. I know this because every time I tried to start mine, I never succeeded. But I never stopped believing in my dream. I paid to have my business plan drawn up, but everyone around me kept telling me that I wouldn’t be able to establish my business.

It was a horrible feeling when I was constantly rejected, but my belief in my idea kept me going. I didn’t give up; I kept running towards my dream. I wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. I was so determined to achieve the outcome because of the faith that I had.

The Monday Independence Project meetings and the other programmes that I took part in every week at the HelpCentre gave me an opportunity to realise my dream. I was motivated by the testimonies of others who had made their dreams come true. I knew mine was still possible, even though I had conflicting thoughts in my mind.

There was a tug of war in Julie’s mind due to the comments that her close relatives made. Nonetheless, she didn’t allow them to put a stop to her progress.

I kept a positive mindset. A month later, I started building my business. I managed to complete my registration. Then I had to find clients.

Today my business is overflowing with clients, and the carers working for me are so busy that I can even afford to refuse new clients. Taking part in the Monday meetings paid off. My life has completely turned around, and the same can happen to you!

 Julie Field

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