God wants committed people

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God wants committed people

When you hear the name of certain biblical people, you immediately associate their name with something great, however, there are those who, even though their name may be mentioned in the Bible, they are not associated with making any sort of difference.

The distinction between these two sets of people is primarily that the first represents those who are committed to God, whilst the second represents those who are not. God only works with those who are committed to Him. If we are not committed to Him, then He is unable to work together with us.

Since human beings were created, God does not do anything without our participation. He has given us a kind of value that many do not see. This is why many times people depreciate themselves; they do not see anything good about themselves. But God has created us for a great purpose. He has created us to be a kind of co-worker, a partner, somebody who will be here on Earth to execute His plan. But, unfortunately, because of the lack of commitment to God, He has been unable to do what He has promised.

We can see that one reason why there is a lack of commitment to God, even from those who claim to follow Him, is because people are too focused on trying to have things their own way; they think that everything should revolve around them.

So they do not give up on their will to do God’s will. However, for God to do great things through a person, they must be willing to do so.

Take, for example, what David and his kingdom were able to accomplish. They only had a small territory, but they were able to conquer the territory around, causing their kingdom to expand. However, this was possible because David was committed to God, as well as having men who were committed to him, because they were attracted to what David offered to them.

David stood in the midst of these men when they were still weak, when they had lost everything and were left with humiliation, when they had lost the respect of others and all of their self-dignity. He offered to teach them how to become warriors and honourable men.

These four hundred men, although not enough to make up a large army, made the decision to take David as their leader; they became committed to the mission of their leader and, because of this, they became the most respected kingdom at that time for the difference they made.

One reason that many are not committed to God is because they are not attracted to what He offers them, which is salvation. After all, how can you recognise that you need a saviour, if you do not first recognise that you are lost, that you are weak, and in need of help?

If people made themselves attracted to the Lord Jesus, they would also be used to make a great difference for the kingdom of God.

God wants to rescue your soul, but He cannot do this if you are not committed to Him. Even if you say you give your life to God, the devil will eventually come and rob you of your salvation if you have no real commitment to God.

It is all or nothing; if you are committed to God you will surrender your all to Him.

When a person is committed to God, they also become committed to the things of God. This does not mean that if a person is committed to a church, they are automatically committed to God, but the other way round is true.

If you appreciate God, and want to help make a great difference for His kingdom, decide to have a committed relationship with Him. If all of the people in the church would grasp this, the church would make a revolution for the kingdom of God.

Bishop Randal Brito

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