My life has changed completely

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My life has changed completely

Before I used to suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts and a low self-esteem. After my invitation to the HelpCentre, I took part in the weekday and Sunday services and, slowly, my life started to change. But things did not change completely because I was still holding back and pretending to everyone else around me that I was okay.

My main issues were spiritual attacks, constant suicidal thoughts and the feeling of disappointment with my life. And I had problems during the nights where I felt that I couldn’t breathe.

Nobody knew of my problems, even though I had been a member for years. I had never sought help for these issues, so my life never moved forward. I was stuck with my finances, spiritual life and love life. One day, I couldn’t take these problems anymore, so I opened my heart to God and told Him that I wanted to be completely free from the life I had.

From then on, I started my journey for deliverance. It took a while but I was determined to be free, so I continued to open my heart at every service.

Today, my life has changed completely. I am married and I have started my own business, which is doing really well. I am happy, mentally stronger, and am also a mother. Now, when I have a problem, whether it is big or small, I take it straight to God.

Janine Mason

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