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  • True elegance
    True elegance

    A person’s proper development does not happen overnight, it is a continuous process that should begin early in life. Most parents have a difficult time with the most important requirements in their child’s education: setting limits and teaching the fundamental rules of human coexistence.

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  • It’s the New Year and she doesn’t have a manifesto yet
    It’s the New Year and she doesn’t have a manifesto yet

    I am the type of person who likes to start: start the day, the week, the month, the year, a project, a book, a blog… How good it is to start something! I guess the only things I hate starting are diets and physical exercise… what can I do?! With the busy travel routine, we…

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  • 15 Tips to Avoid Overeating This Christmas
    15 Tips to Avoid Overeating This Christmas

    This holiday season could be the one where you defy the odds and put no pounds on at all or (gasp) even lose a few. And don’t worry — it’s not about denying yourself. In fact, the tips below are all about satisfying your hunger and enjoying the season to its fullest, without adding inches…

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  • 15 Symptoms of a co-dependent person
    15 Symptoms of a co-dependent person

    Many people use the word “abuse” to mean rape, yet the true meaning covers a variety of areas of life. Emotional abuse is usually through verbal attacks, but is far more than just criticism or humiliation. In fact, there is no such thing as physical, sexual, or financial abuse without emotional abuse too. They are…

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  • The Beauty of Rebuke
    The Beauty of Rebuke

    No one likes to be rebuked, even when they deserve it. In that moment, it feels like we are being beaten up emotionally; our heart feels tight, our face turns red, we don’t know where to look, and if we look down to the ground our humiliation seems even more visible. We want to defend…

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  • Remorse vs repentance
    Remorse vs repentance

    Who doesn’t love a good story? It has the power to immerse us deeply into the essence of facts. It captivates people of all ages, cultures and social classes through its easy understanding. The Lord Jesus used stories to teach and my favourite is of His authorship, The Prodigal Son. We’ve learned a lot in…

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  • Chronic or temporary annoyance
    Chronic or temporary annoyance

    There are certain people who have ‘chronic annoyance’, but most only suffer from a few sporadic episodes. Unfortunately, in both cases, the person doesn’t realise it.

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  • Looks that don’t deceive
    Looks that don’t deceive

    We’re tired of hearing that looks are deceiving, but did you know that they are not as deceiving as they say? Many times what you see is exactly what’s going on inside of a person.

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  • Help: I suffer with bad thoughts
    Help: I suffer with bad thoughts

    Hi Cris, good morning. I’d like to ask what to do in order for us to get rid of bad thoughts? Sometimes it is really hard to control them. I feel bad about it. I ask God to forgive me every day… but I feel dirty when it happens. I admire you a lot. Thank…

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  • 5 Virtues of a pleasant wife
    5 Virtues of a pleasant wife

    First, I’d like to speak directly to all the feminists who will read this text to criticise me: Darlings, I know how much you value women and I do too, that’s why I write posts like this to help us be better.

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