Born from above

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Humanity has a huge issue of disregarding their real problems. Sometimes, it’s in regard to a situation at work or among their circle of friends, – which is something important, but in reality, they have a more urgent need inside of them.

Nicodemus was in this situation. He was a man who was extremely knowledgeable of the Divine Precepts and was zealous in practicing them. He also had a good financial position. He was one of the seventy members of the Jewish Sanhedrin, the supreme religious court of that nation. Before anyone’s eyes, Nicodemus had a “passport stamped” to heaven. He came up to Jesus, praising Him for His signs, but our Lord gave no importance to what he had to say and went directly to his problem.

Nicodemus sought the Saviour at sunset, so he could remain anonymous. However, the darkness of the night did not compare to the darkness inside his soul.

It wasn’t enough to only recognise Jesus as a Master, who came from God, or all his devoted religious life. As a Pharisee, Nicodemus fasted regularly; gave the tithe of everything, he gave generous offerings and made many prayers. But the Lord Jesus knew that none of those things were sufficient, for he needed an inward transformation called the new birth. This is the only birth from on High that opens the doors to the Kingdom of God for man. That’s why, without it, the heavens were closed, even for those faithful to principles, rules, a religious system or who had a good character.

The new birth means a change from the inside out, to have a new heart, new mind, new name, new Family, new nation, new desires, new tastes, new fears, new preferences. In other words, a Life that originates from heaven starts within a person born of God. So, since a person is born from on high, he belongs to the Almighty, and heaven becomes their final destination.

There are many people like Nicodemus in church, who stop prioritising the most important need of their soul. They become satisfied with biblical knowledge, miracles, human approval and things that massage their ego and deceive them.

Although it may be hard to hear, I’m going to say this, because I believe only the Truth sets you free: those who were not born of God, are alive to this world, and dead to Him. Unfortunately, this reality will only be discovered and confessed by many who have faced deserts, or had to descend to nothing, or be humiliated by a situation.

I hope that this reflection does something to you, for those of you who have not yet experienced the transformation of your soul, and soon that, you will be a new born, from God. Otherwise, you will not see nor enter His Kingdom for eternity.

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