God, the perfect biographer!

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God, the perfect biographer!

For many reasons, the Bible is the most extraordinary book the world has ever known. One the reasons is because it speaks about God, His holiness, His love, His discipline and many more perfect attributes that He possesses. The scriptures teach what type of faith the Most High requires for us to draw near to Him. However, this Holy Book also speaks about ordinary people with qualities and defects very similar to ours. Although many of them stood out as examples of faith, their mistakes will always be recorded in the memorable pages of the Bible.

In the biographies of great figures of history, usually little to no mistakes are recorded so that they’re failures don’t appear so evident. In this way, they are elevated on high as icons in the world.

But God does not act this way in the Bible. He makes a point of showing the right and wrong decisions of men and women so we can learn from them.

If those biblical characters that we greatly admire had a perfect life, surely some would question the credibility of the Holy Scriptures and others would feel they were in an unattainable spiritual position.

And the truth is far from it!

The Bible brings the narrative of sinners in a path towards a Holy God.

And, in this journey almost everyone, at some point in their life, stopped listening to the Voice of God and gave their backs to His instruction in order to do things their own way. As a result, they “fell flat on their face”, that is, they were disciplined and humiliated, to then repent and return to the path of faith and obedience again.

So, when we read about weaknesses, disobedience and the fall of someone in the Scriptures, may this have a didactic effect on us. That is, may we see that these people did not make mistakes out of ignorance, because God was always guiding them, but because they neglected Him, and because of this they suffered serious consequences.

Therefore, we must have fear and trembling to follow their right decisions and avoid the possibility of making their mistakes.

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