Loved by his father, but rejected by God

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We saw Abraham fight against his strongest fatherly instinct in order to obey God, who asked him for his son as a sacrifice, we also see Isaac having difficulty to understand the Divine purpose of making Jacob his successor. Abraham didn’t show unwillingness to obey something extremely difficult, but Isaac, because of his favoritism of Esau, wanted to bless the one God had rejected.

The behavior of this child was horrible for the Almighty One, because he rejected everything that was spiritual and pure to live in a profane and carnal way. He had many sins, among them was ignoring the Divine Precepts and marrying foreign women, who didn’t share the faith of the One and Only God.

Isaac, although knowing the prophecy that the eldest son would serve the youngest, which was made by the Almighty One to Rebekah when she was pregnant, kept desiring to give the blessing of the first born to Esau, the first born. A blessing which Esau himself had done little about, even negotiating it with his brother Jacob, in exchange for a soup.

And this is how the new chapter and story of a man who was a reference of faith during his life started. Isaac was always faithful and fearful, but this specific scene showed that, for some time, he lacked vision. We see he had difficulty to see with his physical eyes, but overall, with his spiritual eyes.

The patriarch had the staff of success that would commence the nation of Israel, promised by God to Abraham. With so much spiritual responsibility, it wasn’t up to him to decide destiny based on his personal desire.

Esau was an excellent hunter, brave and perspective. By the looks of it, he was even able to make amazing gastronomical dishes with what he hunted, in order to please his father’s taste buds. Isaac should have let his discernment prevail and not fall into the trap of Esau.

As much as Isaac, as a father, loved Esau, he should’ve never allowed this feeling to be greater than his desire to please God. The patriarch knew that the Almighty One had chosen Jacob, so there was no point in opposing it.

But in life it’s like this: while some have difficulty in obeying, we see others that want, in a torturous and cunning way, to see God’s will prevail by the strength of their arm.

However, this is a subject for the next post, in which I will speak about a choice Rebekah made. For a moment, she wanted to “give a helping hand” so the Almighty One would fulfill His plans.

Do you think it worked out?

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