The evangelism that bothers others

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Everyone who has heard the good news of the gospel feels keen to share it with others. Immediately, we think of our family, friends and neighbours who are unaware of this wonderful truth.

The first to hear about our experience are those in our home, since most of us did not have the privilege of being born into a Christian household.

But it is precisely at this point that many make the mistake of not knowing how to pass something so precious on to others without becoming inconvenient, excessive or annoying.

There are many people who could be influential and could be used in an extraordinary way if they were wise when it comes to evangelism, since words and attitudes are both important factors.

A few years ago, I met a person who caused great tension within his family because the words he spoke at home were always filled with threats. He used “hell” to terrorise the minds of his loved ones and forced them to convert. Along with this, he was still interfering in everyone’s life to reveal what “sin” and the “Devil” was. His wife said that even their neighbours complained about him, since every time he washed the car, he would play loud gospel songs, or the pastor’s message, so that everyone would be “evangelised.” There were even days when he would “anoint” the streets and the doors of his neighbours, disturbing them as he did so.

The man had good intentions, but he acted differently from what is advised in the Scriptures. Our mission is not to drag people into the church, but to allow them to have a genuine faith. Evangelising means to speak, to give our testimony, to listen to questions and be prepared to even receive “no” as an answer. But it should never be to impose or repeatedly insist until it irritates others.

I have learned that each person takes their own time (for some, this process is slow). And we need to respect that; we need to have patience and be wise, especially with our relatives.

Here is something important to think about when it comes to evangelism: How are we contributing to the way others view us? If our lives give the message to outsiders that being a Christian is boring, full of prohibitions and obligations, it makes sense that, when invited to come to the church, these people will reject us. It is very important that our lives improve after becoming a Christian; otherwise, no matter how good our speech is, it will have no benefit.

To finalise, the One that convinces humanity of its mistakes and awakens the desire for a new life is the Holy Spirit. Our words are only co-helpers in the process of conversion.

Therefore, evangelise and spread the love of God without attacking, without offending and without being annoying. Otherwise, you hinder instead of helping!

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