We changed our entire life through the campaign

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We changed our entire life through the campaignWhere do you go when your life is overwhelmed with misfortune, constant disputes and frustrating setbacks? From heated arguments and financial problems to health-related complications, Vonette George was experiencing it all and found a solution through the Campaign of Israel. But having had two miscarriages because of uterine fibroids, could Vonette risk tackling this hurdle once more or would her dream of having a family be better kept as just that – a dream?

‘I was ready to have a baby!’ Vonette says with confidence. ‘My husband, Kino, and I had been married for eight years, and we had always wanted to have a child. I would see other mothers pushing their prams and carrying their baby’s car seats, and I always wondered: “Where is my pram and my baby’s car seat?” My husband and I tried for three years and managed to get pregnant twice. But every hope of what should have been died when I miscarried both times.’

The pain of the loss did not kill the couple’s dreams. They were ready to do whatever it took, no matter how small the margin of hope.

‘I even bought some baby clothes – blue, because I boy,’ Vonette says.

With so much eagerness, despite unfortunate outcomes, could Vonette find a way to change her situation? Well, as faithful members of the UCKG HelpCentre, Vonette and her husband Kino, were ready to use their intelligent faith; after all, their marriage and careers had been established because of every Campaign they had taken part in.

‘The first time we attended the UCKG HelpCentre, neither of us could find a job. The pastor blessed us and determined that my husband would find a job by the weekend, and that very Sunday, my husband got a job. I myself was trying to get into teaching but I struggled. So, as the Campaign of Israel was approaching, I decided to place everything, including my prized possessions, on the altar. And the following day I got a job in a school and in time, obtained a teaching qualification.’

With this in mind, Vonette decided to put her faith in the Campaign once more and sacrifice again. But what would others think of her decision?

Could sacrifice really remove this blockage from Vonette’s life?

‘My husband and I went to the altar and we went for it. I sold my car, we donated our savings, our jewellery and even our wedding rings.

Two weeks after the campaign, I fell ill. After going to the hospital and getting checked, the result was in… I was pregnant! I was full of joy, but then came the doubt: “What if I have another miscarriage?” I had to kill that thought immediately. I knew in my heart that this baby was here to stay.

As I went for the scan, I was excited to see its little heart beating. I followed the instructions that I was given by the hospital, and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

This was proof that our campaign had been answered. During the campaign, I made a written request hoping for a quick delivery, a complication-free birth, and for a baby boy. And that is exactly what happened. Our son was born within four hours, and I left the hospital the same day.

My son is now two years old, and he too will be a man of God. Today, my husband and I no longer argue and the things we sacrificed on the altar have returned to us in greater amounts – we live in a better house, I drive a brand-new car, my husband is now an engineer, I got a promotion at the school where I work, and we have opened a business back home in our country.’

Vonette George

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