It’s the New Year and she doesn’t have a manifesto yet

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It's the New Year and she doesn't have a manifesto yet

I am the type of person who likes to start: start the day, the week, the month, the year, a project, a book, a blog… How good it is to start something! I guess the only things I hate starting are diets and physical exercise… what can I do?! With the busy travel routine, we have, one of my resolutions is to stick to my diet and exercise routine so I do not need to start it all over again.

Because I’m excited about starting things, sometimes (many times!), I end up being impulsive and do not think about all the necessary details to maintain what I’ve started. I will draw a comparison for you to understand what I’m saying. When my husband started the IntelliMen project on his blog, he did everything perfectly; he is the complete opposite of me, LOL! He’s definitely not impulsive; he thinks of all the details and so he plans well. The IntelliMen even had a Manifesto! And do you know what the Godllywood Challenge had? Nothing. People who visited my blog to find out more about the Challenge ended up getting lost, and the worst thing is, we still don’t have a link to all the challenges since its beginning—it’s a shame, isn’t? On the other hand, the Challenge has helped many people and began well before the IntelliMen project. At least people have learned how to get here!

The question is: is it possible to change my way of doing things?

There are things that we can change in a snap, but there are others which seem that if we change, we will no longer be ourselves. Have you ever felt this way? Many of the things that I did (and still do) happened because of my way of being; I want things done quickly, without delay, so people are given a chance to change as soon as possible. This is what happened to Godllywood, and all the other projects that I created. If I change, many things will be left undone. I have several other projects on hold because I did not want to act on impulsiveness; as a result, they’re still in the drawer. Some have spider webs hanging off them!

All of us need to be always ready to change and improve as people, but we need the wisdom to choose the changes that we must make; otherwise, we’ll stop being who we are. I’ll never be like my husband; focused, serious, and perfectionist. I am a focused person, but the thing is, I focus on many things at the same time; I am serious when it’s necessary. And I’m a perfectionist when it comes to righteousness. Am I better than him? No way! I’m just different.

Cristiane Cardoso

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