A Simple Change Goes A Long Way – School bans slang words.

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A simple change
Change is inevitable and everyone knows it. Whether for good or bad, one small action brings about a chain reaction, which, ultimately, leads to change.

The struggling school, Harris Academy taught its students this by taking slang out of their vocabulary. Slang words such as ‘innit’, ‘ain’t’, ‘coz’ and ‘woz’, have been banned from being spoken on school premises and, despite much opposition from its students, Head teacher and teachers have gone ahead with this rule.

Harris Academy at Upper Norwood has been given top marks by Ofsted after drawing up a list of banned ungrammatical words. Signs, which were posted around the school in Croydon, South London, informed students that they can no longer start sentences with ‘basically’ and end them with ‘yeah’. Other prohibited words include ‘bare’, which is slang for ‘lots of’, and ‘extra’, which is slang for ‘unnecessary’.

School leaders came under fire two years ago when they imposed the strict new rules on slang, in a bid to make pupils more employable. Their efforts have been rewarded, as the school was rated ‘outstanding’ by inspectors, who said students were ‘polite’ and the efforts at improvement had been effective.

Head teacher, Sam Hainey said, “Everyone at the Academy is thrilled with this report, as it puts in writing what we know to be true. This happy school community has not only made significant progress over the past two years, but has a very bright and positive future”.

If a simple change in vocabulary turned a struggling school into a success, what changes do you need to make so that you too can excel in any given area.

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Article Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3177901/Struggling-school-turns-round-fortune-banning-slang-words-innit-ain-t-coz-woz.html

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