• The Bread of Revelation

    Has your life been a recurring cycle of unprecedented losses or problems that you have been unable to resolve? Or are you tired of coping with an issue that seems […]
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  • The Day of Prophecy in the Valley of Dry Bones

    In the Bible we see a moment of conversation between God and the prophet Ezekiel, who was shown a valley of dry bones. Whenever the people of Israel allowed a […]
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  • April the month of open doors

    April takes its name from the Latin word aperire, meaning ‘to open’ (just like flowers do in spring) and who wouldn’t want an open door to be set before them? […]
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  • Night of the Good Samaritan

    We know the story but have we been a Good Samaritan? The Samaritan, from whom nothing was expected, demonstrated extraordinary conduct by voluntarily helping the wounded Jew. He had no […]
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  • Breaking of all Curses

    Words exert a great power of influence in people’s lives, both for good and for evil. Just as they can uplift and bless someone, they can destroy and even kill. […]
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  • Do you want to put God first?

    No one wants to feel insecure and uncertain of their future but when a person allows God to be their ultimate guide He will give them inner confidence that His […]
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  • Would a King wash the feet of his people?

    The scenario of a king washing his people’s feet may be totally unheard of, the roles reversed but that’s exactly what the Lord Jesus did, He reversed the roles leaving […]

    Night of the Soul,

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  • Blessing of the Family in your Home

    What Christian has not dreamt of seeing their family in the presence of God? Imagine a family full of peace, unity and constant joy… For some, this dream has already […]

    presence of God, The Word of God,

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  • By the Well

    A well may seem like a standard feature, but it has a significant meaning in the Bible. Moses met his wife Zipporah for the first time by a well. Rebekah […]

    a strong connection with our love life,

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  • The Night Vigil of the Rock

    Join us on Friday, 18 June at 10pm The baptism in the Holy Spirit is the most important promise the Lord Jesus made to mankind. However, for us to receive […]

    baptism in the Holy Spirit,

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