• Would a King wash the feet of his people?

    The scenario of a king washing his people’s feet may be totally unheard of, the roles reversed but that’s exactly what the Lord Jesus did, He reversed the roles leaving […]
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    Walking in the Same Direction!

    “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” (Amos 3:3). Those who share the same objectives and interests walk together. This applies to everything, including your love life. Over the […]

    The Love Walk,

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  • Blessing of the Family in your Home

    What Christian has not dreamt of seeing their family in the presence of God? Imagine a family full of peace, unity and constant joy… For some, this dream has already […]

    presence of God, The Word of God,

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  • A Covenant That Lasts Forever

    According to the Cambridge dictionary, a covenant is “a formal agreement or promise between two or more people.” Every day covenants are made between employees and employers, sellers and buyers […]

    salvation of our soul,

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  • The 3 Anointings for Wisdom with the Oil from the Horn

    King Solomon was the wisest and richest man among the kings of his time. His fame was so widespread that the Queen of Sheba decided to visit him to see […]

    Creator of all things,

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    Exchange Your Burden for His

    Burden: ‘a load, typically a heavy one’ and we all know that carrying anything weighty is extremely strenuous. How many of us have carried something heavy and then felt the […]

    Chain of Prayer,

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  • Let There Be Light

    Guilt from the past, uncertainty about the future, frustration in relationships and hidden bad habits – can all bring darkness into our lives. To be free we must step into […]
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  • Take part in the Lord’s Supper

    Do you have the desire to make a covenant with the Lord Jesus or to renew your vows with Him? Know that the opportunity for this to happen lies in […]

    attend the services in the Church,

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  • Night Vigil of the Chosen

    “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14).  There is something in common between most people who come to the church: they come looking for a solution to their problems. […]

    example in the Bible, gather at the Rainbow Theatre,

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  • An opportunity to start again with God

    How is your life right now? Have you left the presence of God and now are suffering, full of sadness and emptiness? Or perhaps, although you come to the church, […]

    repentance comes from God Himself,

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