A problem shared is a problem halved

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Have you ever felt like you were so overwhelmed that you can’t even make sense of everything that is going on around you?

Life is tough and we all need help at some point, especially when we have exhausted all our options and no longer know what else to do. That’s why when you have reached your personal limit and you’re bombarded with feelings of hopelessness or uncertainty, seeking the appropriate support is vital.

Some people find speaking about their problems harder than others, such as men, and are more likely to internalise how they feel. According to Mind, a Mental Health Charity, only 1 in 3 people with common mental health issues seek help and are currently getting treatment.

Many are those who struggle in silence with the pressure of taking care of their children, dealing with financial struggles, overcoming a separation in their love life, or the loss of a loved one, to name a few.

Maybe this is you and you believe that it is better for you to fight alone than to bother someone else with your problems. However, studies have shown that keeping things to yourself can cause you more harm than good.

A conversation may not resolve your problem immediately, but it may help you to release some tension, better regulate your feelings and to gain a new perspective about your situation. Furthermore, it not only helps you to put your feelings into words, but speaking to the right people means you can receive the necessary advice or support.

The Bible speaks about the importance of sharing our burdens and commands that we do this out of love for one another:

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” (Galatians 6:2 NKJV)

So, if you have been carrying a heavy load that you need to let go of or are facing a situation that has left you lost without knowing what to do, why not try speaking with someone who cares about you.

The Pastors at the Universal Church have dedicated their lives for this exact purpose, to help you carry your burden and guide you towards a life with the fullness of God. They are more than happy to separate time to listen to you and offer the appropriate spiritual advice.

If your problems have left you feeling disoriented and in need of counsel, this week is “The Week of Counsel”, an opportunity for you to reach out and sit down with one of the Pastors!

You can book your 1-2-1 session with your Pastor, by visiting your local Universal Church. He will listen to your individual case with an open mind, and advise you based on the counsel extracted directly from the word of God.

If you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, give our 24-Hour Helpline a ring on 020 7686 6000 or message us on WhatsApp at 020 7686 6010. Someone will always be available to help you!

Event: The Week of Counselling
Date and Time: Monday, 11 September – Sunday, 17 September
Location: At your local Universal Church

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