Godllywood Self Help


The Godllywood movement was created with the purpose of rescuing the feminine values lost in modern society and helping women become better in all aspects: at home, work, as a wife, mother, daughter and above all, as a person.

It’s not a very popular objective as most women believe in the saying that goes, “be yourself and don’t change for anyone”. If we were perfect, we could give ourselves this luxury but the reality is very different.

So, those who are a part of the Godllywood movement practice the Word of God, even if it costs them their assumptions, way of being, fashion, fame and even friendships.

The seminars are aimed exclusively for females and are held every two months at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, with video conference for all Outside London branches.

All women regardless of their religious denomination or background can participate in this meeting. Therefore, if you are looking for personal, emotional and spiritual growth, mark this date and time in your diary.

Invite someone to join you for this special meeting so they can also be blessed! You can invite your friend, mother, sister, colleague at work and even a stranger, as this meeting is for women of all ages.

Prepare your pen and paper, so you can make notes of the lessons you will receive on the day.


Event: Godllywood Self Help
Date and Time: Saturday, 2 March at 3pm
Location: 232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, N4 3NX (Outside London branches via livestream at your local Universal Church)


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