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  • Investing in myself
    Investing in myself

      The IntelliMen challenges have been very beneficial and productive for me. They have helped me to mature as a young man and to be more radical with procrastination, especially since I am in a relationship. I am now more time-conscious and manage it much better. At first, I was not really keen on doing…

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  • The best version of myself
    The best version of myself

    I started the IntelliMen project not knowing how much it would later benefit me in life! I have learned so much from the challenges and I am particularly pleased that they have helped me to become a better man in everything that I do. The project has also pushed me to start a business as…

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  • The characteristics of a man
    The characteristics of a man

      The project has helped me challenge myself by engaging in activities that I would not have considered beneficial. The weekly challenge has enabled me to analyse myself from a different perspective, not in a superficial manner as I would normally do, but in a way that allows me to make necessary changes. Additionally, the…

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  • From a boy to a man
    From a boy to a man

      Since I started IntelliMen, I have begun to progress from being “spoon fed” and from relying always on people, into being a man. At the beginning, I found things difficult because of the change in my usual discipline, but due to IntelliMen, helping me to analyse and discipline myself, I have begun to transition…

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  • The secret to becoming the difference
    The secret to becoming the difference

      The IntelliMen project has been a great experience for me. It has been helping me become a better man, husband, and father. I have been able to set a good example in my home and become a better role model for my son. I still have a lot to change, but in our monthly…

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  • A whole new view
    A whole new view

    The IntelliMen project has made me grow in all aspects of my life. It helped realise that there’s more to being a man, and that it takes discipline and courage to lead by example if we don’t want to be the ones being led by others. I also learned that, to get to this stage…

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  • A real man knows his weaknesses
    A real man knows his weaknesses

    Before starting the IntelliMen challenges, I was a person who would say I was going to do something, but not do it. I was a lazy and complacent, and could not keep promises that I had made, even to myself. The challenges really taught me to be a man of my word and to be…

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  • I make time to invest in myself
    I make time to invest in myself

      “The IntelliMen challenges have helped me a lot. I have been able to break free from certain manners that were not helping me, that were even making me to feel stuck in all areas of my life. I learnt that I have to be a leader in life and also to be humble to…

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  • Seeing myself through God’s eyes
    Seeing myself through God’s eyes

      The IntelliMen project has led me to improve my abilities and in my general performance, which have contributed to making me a better man. There were specific tasks that challenged me to really dig deep and see myself through the eyes of God. I am forever grateful for them. I can truly say that…

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  • Discovering my potential
    Discovering my potential

      But by doing the challenges with a motivated and disciplined partner, I have developed a massive change within my character. In these seven months, I can say that I’m now a completely different person. I now understand who I am and what I am worth. I was able to place myself in scenarios that…

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