From a boy to a man

a better man, spending more time with family,


From a boy to a manSince I started IntelliMen, I have begun to progress from being “spoon fed” and from relying always on people, into being a man. At the beginning, I found things difficult because of the change in my usual discipline, but due to IntelliMen, helping me to analyse and discipline myself, I have begun to transition from a boy to a man. I learnt about spending more time with family as an IntelliMan is a family man, how to organise my money better as I really found difficulty managing money that I receive , as well as how to organise myself. Not to mention, I have truly learnt how to be a true gentleman, and I’m still working with self-assessment constantly to become a better man.

Now I am more respected by family members, and people around me because of it. That is what IntelliMen has been doing for me, it motivates me to constantly work on helping myself to be a true man, a better man so that I can make a difference everywhere I go.”

Andrew Owusu-Agyare

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