Women’s Gathering Reveals the Secret of Self Esteem

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Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Women travelled from all over the UK to attend W-Day 2015 at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, on the afternoon of Saturday 18 April. They were there for a specialist seminar designed to help them strengthen their sense of self-worth in support of successful relationships and their lives overall.

Organised by the UCKG HelpCentre’s women’s group, Godllywood, the event attracted around 1,000 women of all ages and backgrounds, some accompanied by their husbands and interested male friends or partners.

The speaker was Bishop Randal Brito, the new leader of the UCKG HelpCentre in the UK, and his message was simple. Women should stop comparing themselves to others as it can damage their sense of self, invariably draws on unhelpful and inaccurate information, and doesn’t actually help anyone to accomplish their goals.

Rather than providing a complicated list of dos and don’ts, pitfalls and traps to avoid, he spoke simply about the fact that women lose their sense of value when they omit to see themselves as beautiful.

Using social comparison theory and one of the Dove experiments on how women perceive themselves to illustrate his point, Bishop Randal explained that there is no reason at all why any woman should see herself as anything other than beautiful.

True beauty he defined as the product of being strong, brave, having inner beauty and taking good care of oneself. Supermodel qualities are never prerequisites since everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. ‘Ugliness only happens when you label yourself ugly,” he said.

Attendee Monika Pusolk from Birmingham commented: “The event was very helpful, it was worth travelling for. I related to the speaker’s message as I used to compare myself to others a lot but now I have learnt to value myself. I particularly like the way he said we need to tell ourselves we are beautiful.”

The event concluded with two case studies from women who have succeeded in turning their lives around and regaining their sense of self-worth.

Flavia Barcelos, vice-leader of Godllywood in the UK said: “We are delighted with the way the event turned out and with the bishop’s use of song to illustrate his points. The happy, supportive atmosphere in the venue at the end of the afternoon spoke realms for the success of the event and its beneficial effects.”

Women who may have issues with self esteem are most welcome to call the UCKG HelpCentre’s national 24-hour helpline on 0870 068 2000 to speak with trained advisors or access further assistance.


Notes to editors

UCKG is a Christian church and registered charity that offers a range of practical support activities alongside spiritual support and comfort and welcomes all-comers. It reached the UK in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength, providing support and spreading the Christian faith. There are UCKG HelpCentre branches in England and Wales.

Godllywood supports girls and women in choosing their life values wisely.  It helps women develop and restore family ties that have withered under the pressures of modern life and in the context of confident and fulfilling lives.

For further information please contact the UCKG HelpCentre Press Officer via e-mail on press@uckgnew.org or direct line 020 7686 6033.

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