Bishop Randal’s visit to Portugal

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Tuesday, 5th July, Bishop Randal Brito began a series of missionary visits in Portugal. His first destination was to the branch in Porto, which he returned to for the first time after 22 years. During the special meeting, he explained that the works, which God could do in our lives, would be possible if we believe in Him and in ourselves.

Accompanied by Bishop Felipe, who is responsible for the church in Porto, Bishop Randal gave guidance regarding the Campaign of Israel. He pointed out that it’s not enough to only perform the sacrifice – whether monetary or spiritual – but we must also believe in the greatness of God. He went on to explain that the Lord should be seen for Who He really is, a God who can take all the earth’s water onto the palm of His hand.

Bishop also expressed that we must believe in ourselves. We are children of God and we are a reflection of His image so, therefore, we cannot see ourselves as incapable. Instead, we must see ourselves as as descendants of Abraham and the blessings promised to him.

The congregation left the meeting renewed, strengthened and confident.

The second meeting, which featured Bishop Carlos Rocha, took place on Wednesday, 6th July at the Temple Maior in Lisbon.

During the meeting it was pointed out that the words we speak show who we are. This is the same with the Word of God; it’s His way of expressing Himself. Bishop Carlos Rocha then compared the Word with a bridge, because through the Word the Holy Spirit travels into our lives.

He also briefly told the story of Lot who was Abraham’s nephew; that, when Lot honoured and followed the footsteps (intelligent faith, sacrificial faith) of his uncle, he was blessed. However, there came a time when the two ended up in disagreement and separated and, thereafter, Lot’s life was shortened.

Bishop Randal added that Lot was tested after his separation from Abraham; he could have refused to separate himself but he did not. Similarly, there are many who have visited the altar but, for one reason or another, have removed themselves from it. Those who were present that night had the opportunity to change their situation.

In conclusion, Bishop Randal determined that great testimonies will emerge from those who were present, and it would be evident to the whole world.

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