Is the ‘Fearless Girl’ stopping women from finding love?

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Fearless girl


In today’s post-modern world, where gender equality is at the epicentre of daily conversation, we could say that this year has been the year of ‘female empowerment’. From having Wonder Woman hit the big screen to the fact that female bosses are now more prominent, it is clear that our voices are slowly being heard.

The ‘Fearless Girl’ is no different from this.

Situated in front of Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue in New York, the bronze statue is a representation of female strength and was created to encourage companies to hire more female executives. As popular and monumental as the statue has become, it also reflects the ongoing power struggle between men and women today.

Feminism is defined as ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes’ and is often associated with encouraging women to achieve more. However, it seems as though the battle for female strength has been replaced with an outright war against men –instead of with them. In today’s society, we are told that the path to a successful career is to possess the qualities and skills of a man.

As a result, there is this ongoing gender battle ‘all because women have chucked their femininity and become just like men: dominant, aggressive and territorial.’ It would be a lie to say that this does not produce better results at work. However, does this help women with their love lives?

Since her early childhood, former Fox News anchor E.D. Hill has been taught to be able to stand on her own and learn how to do everything a man can. However, in her book Going Places: How America’s Best and Brightest Got Started down the Road of Life, Hill talks about how this attitude caused problems in her relationship with her now ex-husband:

‘There’s a downside to being so self-reliant. I couldn’t stop myself from proving that I didn’t need [my husband] to do things for me. Needless to say, this “power struggle”’, along with other issues, put a big strain on our relationship, and he is now my ex.’

There are two stories to the ‘Fearless Girl’. On the one hand, she is this independent, strong presence and someone who is a force to be reckoned with. She dominates the room and has all of the qualities she needs to succeed in the office. On the other hand, however, the qualities possessed by the ‘Fearless Girl’ translate into a mess in her personal life. Being ‘just like a man’ does not work in a relationship or marriage. Men do not want you to be another version of themselves; they want the feminine version.

Many will say that this is anti-feminist and conforms to the traditionalist idea of submissiveness but, as unappealing as it may sound, it may be true.

The ‘Fearless Girl’ is ‘headstrong, domineering and bossy’ but she does not know how to love. As a result of this there are many successful women who have everything but are not successful in their love lives.

The ‘Fearless Girl’ reflects an admirable display of strength and ambition; however, she is not without her flaws. Her independence and self-reliance makes her the star at work; however, they leave her confused and yearning for more in her personal life. Ladies, we must not forget to leave the ‘Fearless Girl’ at work and re-establish our femininity at home.

 It is possible to have it all, but it takes work and sacrifice!

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