The family bond is restored

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The family bond is restoredBefore I came to the UK, I lived in Spain for roughly 17 years. I left Spain with my youngest child and came to UK as a way of running away from my problems. However, I didn’t tell my older children because I was angry with them and we were not on speaking terms.

I felt that they had been disobedient towards me, and since they were old enough to move away from home, our relationship went downhill. On the other hand, my children felt that I didn’t treat them well.

Weeks after I arrived in the UK, I was invited to the UCKG HelpCentre. I joined the Mothers in Prayer group and I started to learn about the importance of family. I was taught to consider and love my children no matter what, so I started to pray for them.

I had not spoken to my children in almost a year. But a few months later, through all my prayers and perseverance, I received a phone call from my daughter and a text from my son during the festive season. They wished me well and they apologised for the way they had disrespected me, which brought me to tears. From then on, they started to appreciate and love me as their mother and our relationship was restored.

Hanna Wangui

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