250 North Londoners Learn to Eat Healthily on a Budget

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Tuesday 24th March 2015

The Healthy Eating on a Budget seminar held at the Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park last Saturday (21 March) was a roaring success. The event drew an audience of 250, mainly from north London. Such was their thirst for information and individual healthcare guidance that it overran its allotted time by an hour.

The event was organised by the UCKG HelpCentre’s Patient Care Group (PCG) in response to popular demand, with three guest speakers: Haringey health trainer, Janine Chin Saunders, NHS specialist dietitian Bethan Morris and fitness instructor Omar Beccato from Fit & Fun.

Between them, the three dealt with how to eat healthily, getting the right balance, choosing healthier meal options and alternative foods that help to keep you within your budget. In addition, a number of NHS professionals were on hand to provide free health checks.

These were particularly popular with the audience because of the difficulty many Londoners have in getting a doctor’s appointment for a check up. Attendees took advantage of the opportunity to have their BMI rating calculated and explained to them, while the dieticians helped people to create their own healthier diets.

Bethan Morris said: “By sharing practical healthy eating advice in a community forum, we health care professionals can support people to make positive healthy dietary changes. This could reduce people’s risk of certain diseases and could reduce pressure on the NHS.”

Janine Chin-Saunders was touched by the professionalism of the staff at the event and the enthusiasm of the people who came to learn. She claimed: “I, too, have learned how to eat healthy on a budget”.

Omar Beccato said: “The audience responded well to all the speakers especially during the practical fitness exercises”. He added that he is happy to take part in future presentations at the Rainbow Theatre and said: “it was a pleasure to work alongside other professionals for the benefit of the community”.

The leader of PCG, Agnes Musikavanhu concluded: “This was a good, fruitful event. Most people I spoke to described the information as an eye opener and many were keen to learn their BMI* after this was explained and discussed at the event.”

The UCKG HelpCentre is most grateful to everyone who assisted with the running of the event and is looking to organise follow up events on this same subject.


Notes to editors

*Body mass index (BMI) gives an approximate indication of whether someone is over or under weight, calculated on the basis of their height and weight.

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