The Day of the 24hr Challenge

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The Day of the 24hr Challenge
Have you ever been through an urgent situation where something had to be done immediately, otherwise everything would be lost? We will always face problems and challenges in our lives and, although some of them have to be dealt with step by step, others require immediate action.

We can link this to the medical triage in a hospital, where patients are sorted based on the seriousness of their situation. People with less serious injuries are asked to queue up in a waiting room – although they will eventually be treated, their situation can wait. However, some cases involve life-threatening injuries and need urgent attention, otherwise, that person could die.

In the same way, maybe you are facing a hopeless situation and you think, “no one can do anything for me.”

In the Bible, we see several cases of people who were hopeless, but they relied on the Lord Jesus and He performed miracles in their lives. We can take the example of the Gadarene man (Mark 5:1-15), whose situation was so critical that he was living in a cemetery, tied in chains. Certainly, everyone who saw him thought he was a hopeless case, but the moment he met the Lord Jesus, everything changed.

In his special visit to the United Kingdom on Sunday, 27 March, Bishop Edir Macedo shared his testimony about a moment when he was in a hopeless situation but he cried out to the Lord Jesus and on that same day, he was answered.

In this same faith, this Sunday, 3 April at 10am, we will have “The Day of the 24hr Challenge.” In this great purpose that will take place in all Universal Churches around the world, we will unite our faith and cry out to God for any problem that requires an immediate answer, determining that in a period of 24-hours He will answer us and give us a sign of His power.

Regardless of the obstacles, you may be facing, God can transform your life. If you don’t know what to do and need an urgent answer, join us for this special challenge. And if you know someone who is desperate, invite them to join you. You may be the helping hand that that person needs to find a way out.

Event: The Day of the 24hr Challenge
Day and time: Sunday, 3 April at 10am (also at 7.30am)
LocationYour local Universal Church

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