The awakening of faith

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The awakening of faith

No living being, however strong or smart they may be, is able to take action while they’re asleep. Likewise, no machine, however powerful it may be, can operate when it’s turned off. When people and machines are in an idle state, their functions cannot be performed—no matter how natural or simple they may be.

Numbness or lack of energy makes them fragile, vulnerable, inoperable and useless. The same thing happens when faith is dormant. It’s good for nothing, and whether it exists or not will make no difference. What good is having power if it’s not used? Or having something that doesn’t function properly? What good is having if nothing is being done with what you have?

Knowing that we can achieve everything we want and need when we use our faith, God not only encourages us to use it but He has given us everything we need in His Word to awaken it. He guides us through His commandments, advice, exhortations and promises; He has given us tools to work with, e.g. prayer, fast, tithes, offerings and vows; and He has set examples for us to follow, e.g. the deeds of the heroes of faith and the results of these deeds. All these things stir up our faith because they urge and encourage us to do something about what’s been proposed and taught.

Faith must be awakened in order to serve its purpose, just as living beings need to be awake to use their full potential, and machines must be turned on to operate. It’s not by words or by knowing what needs to be done that we will exercise our faith, but by taking action. If you don’t take action, your faith remains dormant and useless; it won’t produce any results. The main characteristic of a person who is dormant is passiveness, and the main characteristic of a person who is awake is activeness.

Perhaps you’ve been complaining to God that He hasn’t given you this or that, when in fact, He has given you all the conditions you need to achieve what you want—and these conditions are in your faith. The problem is not what God has or has not given you; the problem is that you’re not using what He has already given you. What have you done with your faith? Faith is a gift from God to each one of us, but it’s up to us to choose to either make good use of it or simply let it gather dust.

As long as your faith is dormant, your victory will be in a deep sleep; but awakening your faith is awakening the life you want to live.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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    Audrey Brotherson

    9th June 2015

    Good Morning Bishop , your words are quite true. I have noticed that when I fail to see the greatness of my God, is when I fail use the tools of faith that He has blessed with with due to fear of failure, fear of success , fear of the unknown, limiting myself and limiting God. I will persevere and use the tools God has given me to dig myself out of the prison of inaction and press forward regardless of fear. May God bless you!

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    Collins mandera

    13th June 2015

    It's true Bishop , I let my fait to sleep I have been strong believer , praying at Uckg from Uganda before I came to Australia but now I and my kids are suffering from the hand of a witch doctor whom somebody took me for treatment and the devil use me to accept Please I need help to awake my weak fait and deliver me and my children from the hand of that woman.

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