How to overcome your problems

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How to overcome your problems

Problems. Everyone has them. But the question is: What do you do with them?

Most of us hate problems for obvious reasons: They take away our peace, cause disorder in our routine, make us sad, change our expectations and even bring other problems. A minority of people have learnt to take advantage of them, and I can say that today I am a part of that minority – but that was not always the case.Until a few years ago, I found myself a victim of problems. I used to compare myself to other people who did not have them and felt that life was a great injustice. Why me? Will everything always be so difficult for me?

At school, I was never popular and often found myself having to hide to eat during lunchtime because I had no one to eat with. In my entire childhood, I was not able to play any sports because I suffered with asthmatic bronchitis.

During my teens, I did not have what the other young girls had. I used to borrow my mother’s clothes so that I did not have to wear the same outfit every day.

Whilst dating, I could not leave the house. I had to spend the whole day with my boyfriend in full view of my brother in the living room.

During my marriage, I had no attention from my husband, and it used to diminish me bit by bit every day.

With different problems that materialised later, I had no one to give me advice, to teach, rebuke or educate me. I had to learn everything the hard way.

Until one day, I looked back and saw how all this had been good for me. At school, I kept myself away from bad influences. During my childhood, I developed my talent for writing because I had to stay at home. During my teens, I had to be creative in my manner of dressing. While dating, I was respected because I respected myself. In my marriage, I found out how insecure I was and was able to overcome it. And in many other problems that came afterwards, I developed great spiritual maturity!

If it were not for all the problems I had with my son, I wouldn’t have founded Godllywood. If it were not for all the problems in my marriage, I would not have written, together with my husband, the book Bulletproof Marriage or done the work we do with The Love School and Love Talk Live.

Ladies, I still have problems today, but they do not diminish me. I already know how beneficial they are for me in the long run even though I do not understand the reasons at the moment. I learnt to take advantage of them, and I suggest you do the same. Instead of crying, envying the life of others or complaining, why not use your problems to become a better person?

Mrs. Cristiane Cardoso 

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