Steps to self publishing your novel

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Step 1:

Know your audience

Think about the age group and the type of people you want to aim your book at. Once you decide this, it will help you with the other aspects of your novel, such as the artwork, the tone of your text, and so on. The target audience sets the entire tone of your novel, so it is a very important area to cover.

Step 2:

Set a writing routine

Creative people often wait to have a moment of ‘inspiration’ when all of their ideas come to them. Don’t rely on this, as these moments are inconsistent. Instead, set a routine for creating your novel and stick to it. Soon, you will feel more inspired and have more ideas coming to you on a regular basis.

Step 3:

Get feedback from professionals

Before you publish your novel, you need to have a manuscript that can be revised so that you can receive feedback on what you may need to change to improve it. Getting in touch with beta readers is a great way to receive advice on your manuscript, and good editors can help to improve your work. Hire a development editor, as they will fix any mistakes in the plotline, characterisation, etc. This is essential, as they will help your book to become more marketable. It is imperative that you send your work to professionals, as it will increase the likelihood of your novel becoming a success.

Step 4:

Research and know your budget

Writing and self-publishing a novel takes a lot of personal and financial investment. How much is up to you. Set yourself a limit on how much you will spend on your self-publishing journey, and research the costs of creating and publishing your novel. This will help you find a balance and avoid spending money on unnecessary things.

Step 5:

Do not design your own book cover

Unless you are a professional, avoid trying to design the front cover of your novel yourself. Do your research and hire a professional to get the job done. Have you ever heard the phrase: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover?’ Well, with regard to books, customers will judge your book based on its cover. If it’s not a good cover, customers won’t buy it. Simple as.

Step 6:

Distribution (digital and print)

In today’s digitised community, e-books have become hugely popular. However, that does not mean that printed books have lost their spark, as they continue to thrive. Think about which market you would like to enter and do your research so that you can make the right decision on the format for your novel.

Step 7:

Develop a mailing list before publishing

Having a mailing list is a great way to develop a relationship with your future readers, so try to increase the number of contacts you have. This will help with the popularity of your self-published book.

If your creative juices are flowing and you want to self-publish your novel, then follow these steps and you may see your novel on the bestsellers list. Provided that you get the work done, of course. Happy writing!



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