Ten ways to make 2017 the best year for your career

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As we are now well settled into the new year, we can use this year as an opportunity to push ourselves and make it a great one for our careers. Whether it’s having a career change or improving as an employee, here are some tips on how to make this year the most memorable and successful for your career:

  1. Update your CV

Spend some time updating your CV and see if you can add anything that will stand out to employers. A great way of making sure that your CV works well is by getting your friends to read through it and give you constructive feedback on how to improve it.

  1. Work on your LinkedIn profile

As we live in such a digitised world, employers are just as interested in your online professional profile as they are in your printed CV. Invest some time in working on your profile. If you haven’t touched your LinkedIn profile in a while, now is the time to change that. Update your profile picture, your skills and the other components of your profile.

Remember to accept any pending invitations from other LinkedIn members and connect with like-minded professionals. You never know where that one connection could lead you!

  1. Make networking your friend!

Networking is just another word for socialising with other professionals. It doesn’t have to be as awkward as it seems! The more you connect with different people who work in the same sector as you, the more opportunities you are creating for yourself. Take a deep breath and talk to people! Say ‘hi’ to a co-worker you’ve never communicated with before and go to networking events!

  1. Build a personal website

Creating a personal website is a great way to showcase your skills, and it helps with your self-branding. Even if you don’t work in the creative industries, you should still create a personal website that showcases your skills. You’ll be rewarded for thinking outside the box, and it’s very easy to get a website up and running.

  1. Take care of your health

You may want to take over the world with your career moves and ideas, but without a healthy routine, you won’t be able to achieve this. Ensure that you have a regular sleeping schedule so that you have enough energy to work productively and efficiently. Try having a healthier diet and limit your screen time in order to give your eyes some rest.

  1. Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is important and it will look great on your CV! It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it is always good to push ourselves a little more and continue to learn new things, especially for our careers.

  1. Find a productivity routine that works for you

There is not just one route to productivity. Everyone has different productivity times and habits, and the only way you can be productive is by finding the right routine for you.

  1. Work with a professional

Working with a career expert is a great way to get advice on any questions you may have regarding your professional life. Whether you want to make a career change or you want to start your own business, seeing a career expert is a great way to get some advice on how to go about what you want to do.

  1. Overcome self-doubt

Even though many people have big dreams, unfortunately, these ideas stay as ‘dreams’ due to their self-doubt and lack of self-belief. Every time you have a thought of self-doubt, eliminate it and think positively. Do the opposite of what the self-doubt is telling you. If the doubt is telling you not to apply for that job because you aren’t good enough (which is not true), apply for it! By doing the opposite of what these doubts tell you, you are proving to yourself that you are capable of achieving what you want. The more you do it, the less attention you will pay to these thoughts and they will eventually go away.

  1. Communicate with your contacts

The only way networking becomes effective is when you follow up your contacts and talk and maybe even become friends! But even if you don’t become friends, it’s important to communicate with them, especially if you both work in the same sector, to see what you can learn from one another.

These ten tips will completely change your career for the better this year, but this will only happen if you put these tips into action. Try them and make 2017 the best year for your career!


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