Getting rid of Mr Right now!

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Getting rid of Mr Right now!As I walked down the aisle in my white dress, I looked at my prince standing at the end waiting for me. I had made it; seven years of waiting had all been worth it…

That will seem like a long time, but when you trust God and know what you have been fighting for, days, months, weeks and even years can pass you by, but you will never forget your dream.

As a woman who was financially stable, I only dreamt of moving onto the next stage of my life—marriage. I thought that my partner at the time was the one I would settle down with. I attended the UCKG HelpCentre and he was going to another branch outside London. We were together for five years. At first, marriage was a welcomed goal that we had discussed and a joint vision we both shared. However, as time went by, he started making excuses and getting married was no longer a priority for him; instead, he focused all of his energy and attention on developing other areas of his life.

He became cold, distant and he would flirt and make advances towards other “female friends” behind my back. These were clear warning signs that he was not for me. God even showed me that he was no longer taking his own spiritual relationship seriously, and by default didn’t consider the future of our union important either.

Not too long after learning of his inappropriate behaviour, I travelled to Israel in January 2011 on a pilgrimage with other members of the HelpCentre, and there I visited the Wailing Wall. At the Wall, I made an outcry specifically for my love life. I poured out my heart to God, sharing with Him all my anguish and asked Him to completely transform this area of my life according to His will. I walked away from the Wailing Wall with peace and joy in my heart that God heard my prayer and was working things out in my favour.

A few months after returning from the Holy Land, the Campaign of Israel was announced in the HelpCentre, and straightaway I knew what God was asking of me. So in addition to my financial sacrifice (which was my whole salary and the little savings I had left) and my spiritual sacrifice, I decided to go the extra mile and end my relationship as part of my physical sacrifice! Deep down, I knew it was for my own good, but that didn’t lessen the pain I felt. My mother even cried when she learnt of the decision I had taken, because everyone who knew us together was certain we would eventually marry one day.

However, I was looking at the situation spiritually and not emotionally, so I reassured her not to worry, because I was acting my faith and God would surely honour me. It was very difficult, but I was so revolted and had reached my breaking point that I refused to doubt; I rather believed in the power of sacrifice and the blessing I would eventually reap by literally giving my all! I kept my eyes focused on God’s promise and threw myself 100% into His Word, which was my lifeline and source of strength. After I presented my sacrifice, I had a great assurance within me that victory was mine. I had done everything I possibly could and had held absolutely nothing back! Now the ball was in God’s court and I knew He would NEVER fail me!

A meeting I could not miss was the Love Therapy. Every Saturday evening, there I was listening attentively and gaining valuable advice about how I could be an asset to my future partner. I had been a faithful member before I was involved with my ex-partner, and even after we had broken up, I continued to attend.

Two months after I’d presented my sacrifice, in July 2011, I met Delano, the man who is now my husband, in the most unlikely and unexpected circumstances. He wasn’t permanently living in the UK at the time, but was visiting on vacation. We were introduced at a family funeral reception by a relative of mine, who also happened to be a very good family friend of Delano’s. We spoke to one another out of politeness, but it didn’t take long for us both to realise that our meeting was part of God’s plan all along. We were aware that we had a lot more in common than we had expected; and after expressing a mutual liking for one another, we began to date.

Throughout the year that we were dating (half of which happened between two different countries 5,000 miles apart) and despite the five-hour time difference, we conversed daily via Skype and email; praying together, sharing thoughts, experiences and dreams. We spent all our time getting to know one another on a deeper and spiritual level by asking each other numerous questions and leaving no stone unturned. It was always very difficult to say goodbye at the end of every conversation and we eagerly anticipated our next opportunity to be in contact again. However, the way in which our visions, goals and objectives all matched, and the strength of how well we were compatible, was undeniable. This ultimately confirmed to us that this blessing could only have come from God. The irony was that Delano and the person I was previously in a relationship with had very interesting similarities. They were both born in the same country; they both had the same middle name and exhibited almost identical likes and dislikes. However, the key and ultimate difference was that, my husband’s character, inner spirit and relationship with God were totally and completely different; he was everything I had been praying for and more.

With such similarities, I could have easily been distracted from the true plan of God and the authentic blessing—Delano. But my attentiveness and confidence in God and the sacrifice I had done were what gave me the strength to execute the right decision. In July 2012, Delano and I got engaged, and similar to the time that we were dating, nearly half of that period also took place from a distance, but that didn’t negate the fact that our relationship grew and developed stronger by the day.

Exactly one year later, we married and everything relating to our special day was a sweet blessing from God. He truly exceeded our expectations! Every aspect of the whole day was beautiful and glorified God’s name immensely. When people hear our story, it sounds unbelievable for many different reasons, but I know that when God blesses you, He really does give you the absolute very best. This journey has been proof of that. Today, I am happily married to the man of my dreams; the blessing that God had always prepared for me. My life has completely turned around and I am extremely happy with the man I love by my side.

Ethnanda Manley-Browne

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    kamla ramsamooj

    29th February 2016

    I am happy that everything worked out for you.sometimes we have to make hard choices and GOD will do his part.