A simple guide to crushing your New Year’s resolutions

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We all know what a new year means – new resolutions! From aiming to lose weight to swearing off bad habits, many people are professing the new year as a fresh start in their lives. Unfortunately, these resolutions and new life goals tend to die out in the first few months of the year, leaving many with a feeling of disappointment.

However, you can distinguish yourself and avoid becoming a ‘resolution quitter’ by following these simple rules.

Tell those who can help you with your resolutions  –  Letting someone close to you know what your resolutions are will enable them to support you on your journey to making that resolution a reality. When you struggle, you can turn to them for support and encouragement. 

Make your resolutions specific –  Resolutions like ‘I want to improve my fitness’ sound great, but it doesn’t specify how you want to improve your fitness. Rewording that resolution to something like ‘I want to go for a 30-minute run three times a week’ is more defined and useful for the overall aim to get fitter.

Enjoy –  Often, people are so determined to achieve their resolutions that they forget to enjoy the process of change. Take pride and enjoyment in the steps you have taken to improve your life! 

Have patience –  Making a lasting change takes time, but as long as you’re taking the right steps towards that resolution, the changes will come. Be patient with your resolutions and keep going until you see your desired results.

You may experience failure. If you do, get back up and keep going! –  When aiming for a change, we are bound to make mistakes. Do not allow this to stop you in your tracks. See mistakes as part of a learning curve and keep working towards your resolution.

Look at the bigger picture –  Don’t see your resolutions as something you only do at the beginning of a new year. Instead, see them as long-term stepping stones in your life and continue to work to improve yourself. No matter what time of the year it is, the opportunity to work towards a better life is constant.

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