How to deal with disappointment

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How to deal with disappointment

Anyone who has ever had to deal with disappointment knows that it can be a hard pill to swallow. Whether it is someone you trusted who betrayed you, a friend who failed to honour their word, someone who mistreated you or, someone who did not show you the consideration you felt you deserved, disappointment can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. So, how do you rise above it? A friend of ours recently went through a disappointing situation and here’s how she chose to deal with it.

It hurt a lot

“Recently, someone I cared about very deeply forgot about me and it hurt a lot. There we were about to enjoy a beautiful party, the tables were set and the guests’ names carefully placed on it. As I went round I could see my friends’ names, but mine wasn’t anywhere to be found.

You can just imagine the thoughts that bombarded my mind: “She doesn’t care about you as you thought she did. She doesn’t consider you as much as you consider her.” And it hurt a great deal! My immediate desire was to run away. Tears were about to run down my face and at that moment I knew I had the choice to either allow my heart to be broken or to protect it.

Protect your heart

I chose to protect it! How? By changing my thoughts to positive ones. Rather than thinking that I had been forgotten, I chose to think that something might have gone wrong and, probably, she didn’t even know what had happened.

By changing my thoughts I was able to not only get rid of the pain but, also, to stay at the party and have a good time with my friends.

Disappointment is a feeling, which only flourishes when it is fed. To rise above it, you have to squash it. You have to deny it any space in your head, change the direction of your thoughts and, choose to see the bigger picture of things and allow your heart to move on from that disappointing situation.  One thing you must never do is to seek retribution for what went wrong.

Go on, let go and choose to be free now!

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