See the truth behind the eyes

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They say our facial expressions speak louder than our words, and I believe this because of experiences that I have been through.

I can’t keep a straight face in some situations; for example, if I hear something that scares me, my eyes pop out. If I hear something that brings me doubt, I wrinkle my forehead. If I don’t know what to do, I raise my eyebrows… And the list goes on. My facial expressions say a lot without me having to say a single word. You probably have your own expressions and don’t even know it, LOL!

But, nothing gives away our inner self as much as our eyes. They are considered the windows of our soul. The Lord Jesus once said, “The eyes are the lamp of the body.” (Matthew 6:22). If they are good, the light enters through them and it lights up life; but, if they are bad, the whole soul will be in darkness.

Visual contact is fundamental for our relationships with people.

It’s impossible to interact with someone without looking into their eyes.

When we don’t have eye contact with the person we are speaking to, it can mean many things:

  • You may be hiding or fearing something;
  • You are shy or insecure;
  • You don’t care about what’s being said;

Our eyes can show respect, sincerity and inspire a lot of confidence, but they can also express rejection – like when you look at someone head to toe with haughty eyes, for example.

Our eyes can smile, shine and captivate others. But they can also cry until they look dead.

Men and women wouldn’t be so deceived if only they didn’t ignore the look in someone’s eyes. The body, hair, smell, hmm… Nothing can be more endearing and revealing as the eyes.

We look at so many things but not the eyes, which speak much more than a multitude of words.

Confirm the truthfulness of spoken words by looking into someone’s eyes, this way there will be less room for secrets.

Looking and seeing are totally different verbs. A perfect vision is not a guarantee that you really see, what should be seen.

Let’s practice this?

Cristiane Cardoso

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