7 Fridays of Revelation

Deceit, face the truth, frustrating love life, laying on of stands, unable to progress,


Why don’t things go the way I plan? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you sometimes wonder what is wrong with your life? Everyone around you seems to be progressing, but you remain stuck—same job, same frustrating love life, same pains that go but always come back; same anxieties and worries, same everything!

The funny thing is, when someone asks, “How is everything?” you smile that Oscar-winning-performance smile and say, “Everything’s good!”


And what of betrayal and deceit? Have you ever been fooled or misled by someone? You thought they were a sheep, but they turned out be a wolf in disguise. The humiliation of knowing that they weren’t who they truly said they were is shocking.

But what if you are this sheep in wolf’s clothing? People can be skilled actors when it comes to hiding their true feelings or condition; showing the world that they are fine, when the truth is that things are far from it.


While that marinates in your mind, let’s reason together…

Deceit can be characterised as one of the worst kinds of negativity that exists, wouldn’t you agree? When deceit is present in someone’s life, they are unable to progress because they are convinced that everything is okay, either oblivious to, or very good at ignoring the reality around them.

No one wants to go through the painful experience of discovering that they are one thing, when they thought they were something else entirely, but the reality is that, this kind of cycle can only be broken when the Truth is present.

How does the saying go? “The truth shall set you free”. It takes a courageous person to face the truth in the face. The initial revelation may be painful but, looking back, aren’t we always grateful for having faced reality?

This is what the 7 Fridays of Revelation is all about—facing reality and inviting the Truth to shed some light as to why things are not quite going as they should.

After all, there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

On the day, powerful prayers with the laying on of hands will take place.

Event: 7 Fridays of Revelation
Date: Every Friday
 7.30pm also at 7am, 10am and 3pm
Venue: Your local UCKG HelpCentre

For more information call our 24-hr helpline on 020 7686 6000 or email us at info@uckgnew.org.

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