Return as a different person

I had tears in my eyes, return as a different person,


anushakeithesWhat made you want to go to the Temple?
I heard many things about the Temple of Solomon and how it can change you a person. When I found out that the stones were all from Israel that became another reason for me to attend.

What did this trip mean to you?
The trip meant everything to me; I went there with the mindset that I would return as a different person.

How was the trip to the Temple for you?
The trip was truly amazing. Most of the things I learnt from the priest and while I was walking through the tabernacle was eye opening. I now see some things differently.

What is the importance of the Temple for you?
The Temple of Solomon is very special to me now. Knowing that in the past, people communicated to God in the temple makes it so unique. When I first saw it I had tears in my eyes, because the beauty of the temple cannot be compared with anything I’ve seen.

What is the importance of the Temple to the world?
I think it’s very important to the world. It is situated in São Paulo, a city where people are not wealthy, so to see something so big and beautiful in that area is admirable and welcoming.

Anusha Keithes

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