Reason to live

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Reason to live

I recently heard one of my relatives speak enthusiastically about one of his end of the year trips, and while he was sharing his experiences, I realised how much I have been enjoying these past weeks, without having gone anywhere or done anything differently.

That’s how the Secret Place of the Most High is, it has adrenaline, adventure, action, fun, friendship, love, pleasure, even in the midst of everyday drama. And still, there is rest, renewal, strength and peace. In it, we become happy with everything and don’t need to look for external ways to enjoy life.

Since we started meditating on Psalm 91, I can’t go one day without looking at it, as if it were a box of surprises that could surprise me at any moment, and you want to know something? It’s great!

Look at verse 2 of this Psalm:

I will say of the Lord, “He is my… God.”

Stop! Look how strong this is!

Have you stopped to think what the word “God” means? I made a small list, and look at how many things I came up with…

  • Superior to us and no one compares to Him
  • Eternal and therefore above our time
  • Powerful and therefore over everything, even what seems impossible.
  • Creator, that’s why He knows us so well!
  • Praised above everything and everyone
  • Respected above everything and everyone
  • Admired above everything and everyone
  • Omnipotent and omniscient
  • Reason to live, after all, He created life!

Now, pay attention to the way you’ve seen Him.


Take a look at how some people have a wrong idea about God:

  • He’s way up in the sky, like an old man with a long, white beard sitting on His rocking chair, He sees everything and doesn’t care about anyone, especially you.
  • He’s playing with humanity and is punishing everyone just for the sake of having so much power.
  • He likes to deprive you from what’s good in the world, He wants you to become a fanatic
  • He is punishing you for something you did in the past
  • He doesn’t hear you nor want to help you
  • He doesn’t like you
  • He got tired of you
  • He wants you to suffer

And do you know why they have such a distorted image of God?

First of all because they don’t know Him personally. Hearing about someone doesn’t mean you know them. The same thing applies when you read about that person, or even to work for them somehow.

Secondly, because they think He is like human beings, capable of everything listed above.

When you don’t know someone, you have one of these three ideas about them:

  • You are indifferent. Perhaps this is the most common reaction nowadays. Some people don’t believe God exists and others believe but that He is over there but she is here, like if He didn’t exist.
  • You have bad eyes.You come up with negative conclusions about yourself. This is one of the most common things for those who think they will one day meet God, but actually they just convince themselves. They blame God for everything in their lives and that say He doesn’t love them anymore and is punishing them.
  • You are curious.You want to know more, understand better, deep down you want to know Him. This is the reaction of people who end up knowing God, for He, that searches hearts, finds these people among the multitude and finds a way to get to them.

How has your reaction been towards the Most High lately?

In the faith of the Secret Place of the Most High.

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