Technology not the whole answer

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Technology not the whole answer

To a very large extent, technology is wonderful. It enables us to do things that would have taken past generations several lifetimes to accomplish. It can reduce risk, bring people together and help to protect us, our families and our possessions. Much of the hard, physical slog has been taken out of daily life for billions of people around the world because of the things that technology can do.

It’s a real pleasure to see satellite dishes on the roofs of mud brick homes in remote parts of Africa, knowing that the children now have a better chance to get an education. We know of Facebook messages that have saved lives and of friends brought together after decades because of online searches. Even so, it’s as well to recognize that technology does not have all the answers.

There is no doubt that in some areas, humans are losing skills because of technology. How long has it been since you had to remember phone numbers or birthdays, which are all in your phone now? Are you too young to have ever done that? Can you cook or do you microwave ready meals to perfection? Can you find your way to a town you don’t know using just a paper map?

Another key area where technology is not the whole answer is in matters of the heart and spirit. Websites like this one are dedicated to providing spiritual and emotional support and to enriching human life. While they aim to address common problems and bring comfort, they can only generalize.

When the need for comfort and support is greatest and most personal, talking with another human being, and perhaps praying together, may be even better. That is why the pastors of the UCKG HelpCentres are available for long periods every day of the week and our Helpline is available 24/7 on 020 7686 6000.


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