People reveal the ‘real’ reasons why they’re getting married

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Many people find themselves getting married for the wrong reasons. Whether it is to avoid being alone or to please their families, many people are making wrong, life-altering decisions that only result in negative outcomes. A day that should hold an immense level of importance in a couple’s life, seems to have become somewhat of a compromise. Here are some confessions from engaged couples who revealed the real reason for getting married on the confessions app, Whisper:

  1. “I’m only marrying him for his money. I don’t care if that makes me a selfish gold digger. I will never be homeless again, no matter what it takes.”
  2. “I’m getting married because I’m tired of the dating scene and don’t want to be alone.” (In my 30’s).
  1. “I’m only marrying my fiancé because the man I do love married someone else.”
  1. “I’m getting married only because I feel too trapped to get out.”
  1. I tell people that I’m excited for my wedding when I am dreading it inside. I feel like I’m only marrying him to please everyone in my family.”
  1. “The only reason I’m getting married is because of the wedding.”
  1. “I’m only marrying my fiancé because of the financial security. Without him, I couldn’t make my car payments. Oh, and I would be homeless as well.”
  1. “I am only marrying my girlfriend because my family expect me to.”
  1. “I don’t think I love my fiancé anymore. I’m only marrying him because I don’t want to deal with telling people the wedding’s off.”


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