Victory Day 2020 celebrates a life-changing initiative amongst young people

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Victory Day 2020 celebrates a life-changing initiative amongst young people

Every time you turn on the television, it seems there is an award ceremony. For virtually everything we can think of, the best are always receiving recognition. But when it comes to the decisions we make that change who we are, it seems that the only ones who notice are the ones closest to us.

That is why, on 8 February, the members of the Victory Youth Group (VYG) promoted the Victory Day (VDay) – The Future is Now event, to showcase the most exciting aspects of human perseverance and dedication. It is an annual event, which in previous years aimed to promote the achievements of young participants of the VYG. However, this year’s event focused on the work of the VYG as a whole and how it has played a vital part in many young people’s lives.

At 3pm, the event commenced in high spirits. Pastor Ade Titilawo, leader of the VYG in the UK, prayed for the attendees before the main hosts of the event, Michael Ranmi and Bruna Baptista prepared the crowd for what was coming next. They were followed by a few performances, a demonstration of the skill and talent found in the VYG. Pastor Ade then explained what was so special about this year’s VDay. ‘This year, a different inspiration came to us. It is no longer about the individual but about the VYG as a whole. Everyone now will be a winner,’ Pastor Ade explained. ‘The Bible speaks about the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3:16. So, every branch will receive a book and the youth that stands out the most in their branch will have the privilege of taking it, record their victories in it, pray on it and use it to bless the youths in the branch,’ he concluded.

As the Book of Remembrance was handed out, dancers and singers performed throughout, followed by a very powerful drama. Pastor Ade then asked for a few young people who all had a similar story of neglect, abuse and destructive behaviour to give their account of how they had their lives changed by God through the work of the VYG.

The attendees were then given a wristband, as an incentive to commit to God if they wished to do so, which also serves as a reminder of the promise they made to Him. Pastor Ade went on to explain, ‘We know that God is the only one who can help us go until the end’. He then prayed to God to bless the wristband as well as the Book of Remembrance, to be used as a reminder of the vow they made to follow Him.

Bishop Alvaro, leader of the UCKG in the UK, then came up to give them a very special message. He explained that being part of a church or religion is not enough to have a successful and blessed life if their attitudes and behaviour does not match the faith they say they follow by reading Proverbs 8:32-36.

Bishop Alvaro concluded by revealing what the slogan of the event – The Future Is Now – meant, ‘If you sow good seeds now, automatically and naturally you will reap good fruits in the future. So, the future is here now!

Everyone went back to their homes impacted by the event with the resonating life-changing message that our futures selves are created by the choices we make today. Our future is constantly being written by the here and now.

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