Letting go of the people who separate us from love

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Letting go of the people who separate us from love

Why is it important to let go of ideas, people and things that hurt our love life?

The attachment to these things stops the flow of true love in our lives. It’s natural for humans to get attached to things. We’re like glue; we easily stick to people, things and ideas, and sometimes this happens for no apparent reason. If we get attached to things that are harmless, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if these ideas influence us, it could be fatal to our love life and, ultimately, our happiness.

The people in our lives can sometimes get in our way of happiness. Ideas travel through people and many are conveyors of ideas that cause serious damage to your love life.

In order to be happy with your love life, you shouldn’t allow anyone to interfere with your relationship, apart from God. The moment someone gets between you and your partner, the relationship could begin to go downhill.

It’s vital for two people in a marriage to have space. This is why a man will leave his parents to be with his wife. And if we were are able to let go of people to whom we’ve been strongly attached from birth, how crucial is it to let go of others?

Regardless, certain ideas or people can prevent you from having a positive love life. This may include:

• Children
• Ex-partners
• Old crushes
• Friends
• Social media friends
• Sexual images from the Internet

Re-evaluate the people you let into your life. Consider those who you interact with, both socially and on the Internet. Examine whether you need to be fantasising over erotic photos and videos of people who are irrelevant in your life, and yet can still hurt your relationship.

Detach yourself from people who separate you from love. Let go of people who push you away from God. Cut yourself loose from those who hurt you.

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