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Thursday, 30 June 2016

According to Office for National Statistics research the happiest adults in the UK are aged between 65 and 79. Nonetheless, many older people in inner cities have a hard time, especially when they are restricted by low incomes, poor housing, multiple health issues and limited social contact.

Committed to supporting the over 55s in their area, the UCKG HelpCentre’s Caleb group for older people will be running an Education Day at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park from 2pm on Saturday 9 July.

The aims are to educate seniors about health, fitness, diet, well-being and social and welfare needs, and to motivate them, so they are objective about the services available to them and more proactive in managing their lives and being part of the community.

Verena Matthews, who runs the Caleb group said: “We’ve invited a series of expert speakers and educators in housing, social welfare, health and fitness to come along to the Rainbow Theatre to talk to our older members and anyone from the area who would like to come along.”

“It is important to us to help all the seniors we can to be as healthy, fit, active and happy as possible and to fend off the all too common negative attitudes towards older people. The solution is to empower seniors so they know their rights and are confident enough to access the services they are entitled to.”

The guests include:

  • A representative of Age UK, Islington who will talk about the welfare of seniors and their welfare rights and benefits.
  • Carlotta Zanella of the Alzheimer’s Society, Islington will be talking on: What is Dementia.
  • Verena Matthews, the Caleb group’s leader and a specialist in housing for the over 55s from Mencap – Ealing will be giving advice on housing needs for the later years.
  • Angela Henry, a Cardiac Nurse at the NHS Trust will be talking about diabetes, a common complaint among older people, explaining how you can get it, and how to avoid it and how to manage it.

In addition it is hoped to have a dietician in attendance to talk about healthy eating and a fitness guru to cover special exercises for the over 55s.

A medical team will be on hand to offer free blood pressure testing.


Notes to editors

UCKG is a Christian church and registered charity that offers a range of practical support activities alongside spiritual support and comfort and welcomes all-comers. It reached the UK in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength, providing support and spreading the Christian faith. There are UCKG HelpCentre branches in England and Wales.

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