It helped me gain confidence

achieve a new life, filled with assurance and happiness, full of complexes, use of my faith,


insidegirlBefore coming to the UCKG HelpCentre, Sonjay’s priorities seemed disordered. She was eager to stand out for the approval of others, but at the same time, Sonjay lacked ambition and determination in other areas of her life.

“I was very insecure, shy, and full of complexes. This made me seek ways to receive attention. I would try absurd hairstyles, and I would get piercings just to appeal to others.

Although I was very intelligent, I had no vision for my life. I did not have goals, nor did I know how to set out to achieve them. I simply needed guidance in order to move forward as a youth! One day, a friend from college started inviting me to the VYG meeting. On several occasions I had refused, but he was very persistent.

Initially, I didn’t want to come because I thought I was being invited to join a religion. It was only when I actually went that I realised that the VYG was a doorway for me to achieve a new life—both inside and out!

My life is completely transformed now; I am a very confident woman! With the help and teachings of the VYG, I no longer doubt myself. Instead of insecurities, I am filled with assurance and happiness. I no longer seek to build a false identity, because my identity lies with God. I have recently graduated from university, and I work for a respectable financial firm based in the city.

During the VYG meetings, I learned that I could achieve anything through the use of my faith. My life clearly shows that I have done more than I could ever be expected to do, but I still have much more to conquer.

Sonjay Kapembeza

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